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Getting your Roof Repaired

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Alex, Staff Writer

Monday, 15 February 2021

Getting your Roof Repaired

Noticed water dripping or patches of damp on your ceiling? The likely suspect is your roof. 

The average lifespan of a roof is 60 years. However, this depends entirely on the materials used and how well it was installed. 

Over time, your roof will start to disintegrate. So, while you might not need a complete roof replacement just yet, occasional repairs are to be expected. 

If a problem has arisen in your roof, especially if water has begun to seep into your property - don’t delay in having your roof assessed by an expert. Here’s our roof repair guide to explain the process. 

Common roof leak causes

  • Extreme weather

  • Missing roof tiles

  • Malpositioned (slipped) roof tiles

  • Cracked roof tiles

  • Roof neglect

  • Seam deterioration

  • Rooftop equipment (HVAC)

What causes the need for Roof Repair?

We have roofs installed to protect our home from the elements - namely rainwater. The thing about water is it will choose the path with the least resistance. So, even if you have noticed water coming through the ceiling in a particular room, the source of the problem may actually be on the other side of your roof. 

The culprit could either be a missing tile or a tear in the protective membrane underneath. Or, you may have simply noticed one of your roof tiles has fallen off, and you wisely want to get it fixed as a preventative measure. 

What's involved in Roof Repair?

Once your contractor has identified the problem, they will replace any missing or broken material, ensuring the finished result is stable and watertight. The job may involve lifting off other roof tiles to access the issue. The time it takes will depend on the severity of the problem, and may also be weather dependent. 

Your gutters may also require cleaning if they are blocked, as their job is to catch excess rainwater from the roof to prevent it from damaging your property’s foundations. A roofer will not clean your gutters but will advise you that they need doing to enable their repair work to be successful.

Roof Repair or roof replacement?

Sometimes minor issues can be patched up, especially if a tile has slipped or has blown off due to high winds. However, you also need to know when the problem is so extensive, that a roof replacement is now in order. While new roofs aren’t cheap, it is the preferred option versus having rainwater constantly pour in, causing serious damage to your home.

Something to consider is the state of the tiles. If the material is past the point of repair (especially on older roofs), there is only so much that can be fixed. The fixtures that hold the tiles in place may have also worn down, making it pointless to add new tiles on top as a ‘quick fix’.

Always seek professional advice from several different roofing contractors, so that you can make an informed decision as to whether a roof repair or roof replacement is the best course of action. 

Points to note

Most people only think to call a roofer when they notice a problem. However, just like the rest of your property, roofs require regular inspection and maintenance. This is especially the case after bad weather, which can cause roof slates to move or come off completely. 

While it’s possible to inspect your own roof by going up a ladder, caution should be applied. Roofers are trained in working at height and will have all the correct tools and equipment to work safely. 

When purchasing a house, always ask about the age of the roof. This will give you an idea about whether a replacement is likely soon, as otherwise, it could prove to be a costly shock.

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