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Does my roof need cleaning?

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Alex, Staff Writer

Wednesday, 10 March 2021

Whilst some people clean their roofs every year, others have never heard of roof cleaning or considered it as an option. In this article, we’re going to break some of the myths around roof cleaning and uncover the truth about whether you need to clean your roof.

Why should you clean your roof?

Algae is a common sight on roofs and many people have come to accept roof algae as the norm. However, it doesn’t have to be that way, and it’s best for your roof if you deal with the algae before it takes over.

Not only is algae unsightly, but it also has the ability to damage your roof, shortening its life by many years. The roots of the algae can damage your roof materials whilst algae loves to feed on the additives which can be found in many roof materials.

Algae can also prevent heat from leaving your roof, as well as deflecting UV rays away from your roof. This will raise the temperature of your attic as heat can’t leave your house, as well as preventing the sun from heating your house in the winter, increasing your utility bills.

Clearing your roof of algae on a regular basis can help to improve the curb appeal of your home whilst keeping your roof in the best possible condition and stopping your bills from rising.

How often should you clean your roof?

Most professionals recommend cleaning your roof once a year. This will help to keep the algae at bay, preventing it from causing a problem. Having your roof inspected by a professional once a year will also allow any issues with your roof to be identified before they begin to cause problems such as leaks.

Can you clean your roof yourself?

It might seem tempting to try and clean your own roof to save money. However, cleaning a roof is not a DIY job that should be attempted by anyone other than a professional. This is because cleaning a roof is a difficult job that requires specialist tools and knowledge to perform.

You might be tempted to use a pressure washer or a jet wash to clean your roof. However, this can cause damage to a roof, especially if it is constructed from asphalt or tile. The high power of pressure washers can push tiles out of place, leaving the roof susceptible to leakage. It’s always best to hire a professional roof cleaner to clean your roof to reduce the risk of damage.

Cleaning a roof can also be a dangerous task as it involves working at height. It only takes one wrong move to slip and fall off your roof, which could result in serious injuries.

Hire a professional Roof Cleaner

It’s always best to hire a professional roof cleaner to clean your roof. This will reduce the risk of damage to your roof whilst also helping you to avoid injury. After all, roof cleaners are the professionals in their field. 

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