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How much does Gutter Replacement cost?

Average Price

What is the price of Gutter Installation?

Are your gutters at the end of their lifespan? Read our handy guide to find out how much your gutter installer will charge for their services.

What is Gutter Replacement?

Gutters are designed to catch excess rainwater from your roof, keeping it away from your brickwork and foundations. As well as being unsightly, old or damaged gutters can cause a whole host of problems for your property. This includes damage to brickwork and damp inside your home. 

Signs you need new gutters are sagging gutters, loose sections, missing sections or if your gutters have any holes or leaks. If the gutters are old, you may also dislike their appearance especially if they do not match the look of your property. 

Gutter replacement involves removing all of your old gutters and if necessary your fascias too. The new gutters will be positioned and angled correctly so that the rainwater correctly drains away. If installed to a high standard, new gutters can last between 20 and 70 years depending on the material they are made from.

How much does Gutter Replacement Cost? 

The cost of replacing gutters ranges between £450 and £800, with an average cost of £600 based on a typical sized property.

Average cost of Gutter Replacement
Average cost£600
Minimum cost£450
Maximum cost£800

Gutter installations in the South East are typically 30% more expensive on average than the rest of the UK. 

Though, the material you choose will impact which end of the scale the total price falls at, seen as the likes of cast iron and aluminium is far more expensive than uPVC. 

What changes the price of Gutter Replacement? 

The cost of gutter replacement varies depending on several factors, including: 

  • Type of gutter work

  • Gutter material

  • Gutter shape

  • Length of gutter

  • Time

  • Location

Type of Gutter work

Not all gutters require a full replacement to remedy the problem. The least expensive service is gutter realignment or fitting a uPVC stop end, which will cost between £15 and £20 per metre.

Such jobs will tweak the performance of your gutters, prolonging their lifespan. Though can only be performed if the damage isn’t beyond repair. 

When a full gutter replacement is necessary, expect to pay between £35 and £70 per metre. The material you choose will heavily influence the total cost. 

Cost of Gutter Replacement based on the type of gutter work
Type of gutter workHighest average price (per metre)Lowest average price (per metre)
Gutter realignment£20£15
Fit uPVC stop end£20£15
Replace gutter support bracket£20£18
Adding a leaf guard£30£25
uPVC gutter replacement£45£35
Cast iron gutter replacement£70£55
Soffits and fascia boards£100£80

Installing new soffits and fascia boards is also commonly done at the same time as your gutter replacement since it is part of the same system.

Gutter material

Gutters can be made from uPVC, aluminium, cast iron steel, copper and many more materials. 

The cheapest material to use is uPVC, though it doesn't have the longest lifespan and isn’t suitable for use on period properties. Cast iron has a larger upfront cost. However, as it can last up to 70 years it will provide better value for money overall. 

Ask your contractor about the different types of gutter material they install, as this will help you make an informed decision based on your budget, as well as the needs of your property. 

Gutter shape

Gutters are manufactured in many different shapes including half-round, square, deep flow and ogee.

Typically, half-round gutters are the cheapest style of guttering across the board. 

Square guttering offers a more contemporary look as it’s more angled in appearance. The benefit is that it will offer greater capacity, though this does make it more expensive. 

Length of Gutter

Your replacement gutter will be priced per metre or per square foot. The longer your guttering, the more expensive it will be to replace it. For example, the guttering on a detached home will be more costly to replace versus a terrace home that shares its guttering with a neighbouring property.


The more complex the job, the longer it will take your contractor to complete. This includes gutters that are not as accessible due to a steep roof as an example.

Expect to pay between £50 and £70 per hour for your contractor, with the labour making up a sizable portion of the total cost of gutter replacement.


The cost of installing gutters varies across the UK, mainly due to the cost of labour.

On average, gutter installation is cheaper in the North East, averaging at £450. The most expensive area is London and the South East, costing £800 on average.

Average cost of Gutter Replacement based on the location
LocationAverage gutter installation cost
North East£450
North West£500
South West£650

Keep in mind that the material and size of your new guttering will influence the cost more than location alone. 

If you live in a city, there will likely be more contractors to choose from versus a rural location. Therefore, the cost will generally be more competitive in busier areas. 

Is it worth getting my Gutters Replaced?

Gutters are installed for a very good reason, and if they’ve started to fail then this needs rectifying promptly. Plus, gutters have a limited lifespan meaning at some point they will need to be replaced. If in doubt, having a gutter installer assess your gutters is the best option. Working gutters will ensure your exterior drainage system is operating correctly. As it’s not possible to install your own gutters without the right knowledge, tools and equipment, professional gutter installation is highly recommended. 

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