We send you leads for free, you can then buy Bark credits to get introduced to the customers that are a good fit for your business. No commission, no hidden fees.

How Bark work for pros

1. We send you leads for free

We will send you all leads that are relevant to your business in your area. You can edit what kind of jobs and from how far away you receive them.

2. You choose which jobs to respond to

You don't have to reply to all the leads we send you. You can choose which jobs that you think are a good fit for your business and that you can help with.

3. Use Bark credits to contact the customer

You can buy Bark credits to get in contact with the client - you will then receive their phone number and email address and be able to send them a message and estimate immediately. We don't take any commission and there are no hidden fees.

Bark Credits

What are Bark Credits?

Bark is a pay-per-introduction system where you buy credits and use them to get introduced to customers. ‘Pay-per-introduction’ means that you only pay to get introduced to the customer - so there is no commission & no hidden fees on jobs you complete or any future work with the same customer.

How do I buy credits?

You use credits each time you want to be introduced to a new client. If you don’t have enough credits, we will prompt you to buy some more. Each credit costs £1.20 but discounts are available if you buy credits in packs. You can buy credit packs in your dashboard and receive up to a 20% discount.

How many credits do I need to use to be introduced to a client?

The number of credits required will change with each request. The credits required to be introduced to a client depends on the potential value of the job and the competition in the market.

Any questions? Give our friendly customer support team a call on 020 3697 0237 or email

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I get the customer's phone number or email address?

Yes. Once you have sent your message and estimate to the customer, we will give you their phone number and email address.

Are follow-up messages extra?

No. Once you’ve used some credits to contact a customer, you can continue messaging them as much as you like free of charge.

Do Bark credits expire?

Your Bark credits will never expire - you can use them whenever you want.

Are there any hidden costs?

There are no hidden costs of any kind. We don’t charge commission, and everything you make is yours to keep.

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