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How to choose a new Roof

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Zara, Staff Writer

Wednesday, 21 April 2021

A roof provides your property with protection from the elements, ensuring everything within it is kept safe and dry. However, over time, roofs begin to show their age until eventually, they need replacing. 

Signs you may need a new roof include loose tiles, broken tiles, internal leaks or general wear and tear. Also, if renovating you may wish to change the roof style to make it suit your new design. 

But when it comes to purchasing a new roof for your property, what do you need to consider? Here’s an overview to guide you.

Roof type

Roofs are usually split into two categories which include flat roofs or pitched roofs. The roof type will determine what materials and construction approaches are most suited. 

It’s sometimes possible to convert a flat roof into a pitched roof and vice versa. Also, pitched roofs can have their angle changed (hip to gable conversion) to allow for more usable space on the top floor of a property. 

For flat roofs in residential properties, you may also want to consider adding decking or a balcony, if your roofer or surveyor deems it structurally safe to do so. This can add value to your home while creating a stunning entertaining space. 


  • Asphalt

  • Cedar

  • Clay

  • Concrete

  • Fibreglass 

  • Metal

  • Slate

  • Vegetation (thatch)

The material is by far the biggest decision you need to make when replacing your roof. The choice you make will impact the budget, appearance and lifespan of your roof. The options available to you will differ depending on if you’re installing a flat or pitched roof. 

Your local area

You also need to consider the local area in terms of nearby properties. While only heritage homes may have restrictions in terms of what roofing material or style can be added, it’s also a good idea to make sure your roof fits in with the character of your neighbourhood. This is especially the case if you are adding a roof to a terraced home, as a mix of roof colours on one block may make your property look disjointed.


Roofs are expensive to replace whether the property is a home or commercial business. But given they are essential, it’s something you cannot skip when required. The cost of replacing a roof varies dramatically, depending on the material you choose and the size of the property. The cost of labour also contributes to the total cost. 


All roofs will require maintenance, which at the very least includes a yearly check for loose or broken roof tiles. That being said, some roof types may be more demanding versus others. 

Before you have your roof installed, ask your contractor about the lifespan of the material and any maintenance you can expect. 

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