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UK Painting and Decorating Price List 2024

Average painting and decorating prices are
£200 - £300 per room

depending on the complexity of the project and the size of your room.

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The way we decorate our living spaces, from the paint we choose to the features we install, says a lot about our personalities - and it's the number one thing that makes a house a home. But what's the cost of keeping your home freshly decorated in 2024? Whether you're embarking on a fresh aesthetic journey or just refreshing the beloved style of your space, here's your detailed guide to average painting and decorating costs in the UK.

Average Price of Painting and Decorating in the UK

Half painted wall

The joy of a freshly decorated room is hard to beat, but what does it cost to bring your walls up to date with a paint job?

Here's what the average, lower, and higher ends of the spectrum look like, but remember that your homes personal features and your needs - which we'll explore below - can add to the cost of decorating your house.

Average cost (per medium-sized room) £225 - £300
Minimum cost (per medium-sized room) £200
Maximum cost (per medium-sized room) £600

The Starting Point: Room Size and Complexity

The task begins with assessing the square footage of your space and its current condition. For a blank canvas or a room with light, single-tone walls, prices for painting start around £200 excluding materials.

Including the Trimmings

When it comes to the details such as skirting boards, windows, and intricate cornices, you can expect the overall cost to increase by 10-15%. The devil is in the detail, as they say, and it’s certainly true with decor.

The Cost Ceiling

Let's not overlook the blank space above, which often needs as much TLC as the walls. The ceiling painting process can add £50-£100 to your bill, depending on size and height.

Painting and Decorating Prices by Hour

Room painting

Hourly rates can be a standard method of payment, particularly if the scope of work is likely to change as the job progresses.

Hourly painter and decorator rates
Less experienced decorator£8-£12 per hour
More experienced decorator£12-£30 per hour
Wallpaper removalAverage £40 per hour
Mural painting£50+ per hour

Mastering the Art

A seasoned painter and decorator can command an hourly rate of £12-£30. Experience, efficiency, and attention to detail are wrapped into this figure. This doesn't take into account the time and effort needed to thinks like removing wallpaper and filling small holes.

Brushing Away the Inexperience

Beginners may charge less – say around £8-£12 an hour – but you are more likely to trade savings for a longer, less polished job. Again, remember to also budget for additional jobs like removing old wallpaper.

The Complexity Surcharge

Hourly rates can spike for complex tasks like wallpaper removal (up to £40/hr) or mural painting (as high as £50/hr).

Rates for Painting and Decorating by Room

For bigger jobs or preference-driven work, room-based rates can offer a predictable sum with potentially better value for larger projects.

Painting price list
Room sizeAverage cost (per room)
Small£200 - £300
Medium £250 - £400
Large£400 - £650

The Project Spectrum

For sizable projects spanning touch-ups to several rooms, decorators might agree on more economical rates, costing £300-£500.

Efficiency is Key

The shorter the project length, the more likely it is that a daily rate will be efficient for your budget. Be wary of detailed assessments to ensure neither party is left short-changed.

Factors That Affect the Cost of Painting and Decorating

The paint pot is filled with a multitude of variables that can stir the price tag in different directions.

Material Girl

Premium paints and specialist wallpapers can drastically increase your job's cost.

Geographical Impact

Where you live also colors the numbers. (For example, you won't be surprised to hear that interior decorators in London costs more.) Here's a sample palette of average prices across the UK:

Average cost of painting/decoration by location
LocationAverage cost (per medium-sized room)
London£250-£400 per day
South East£200-£350 per day
North£160-£250 per day
Midlands£180-£300 per day
Wales£150-£240 per day
Northern Ireland£150-£230 per day
  • London: £250-£400 per day

  • South East: £200-£350 per day

  • North: £160-£250 per day

  • Midlands: £180-£300 per day

  • Scotland: £180-£270 per day

  • Wales: £150-£240 per day

  • Northern Ireland: £150-£230 per day

Want to know how much painting and decorating costs where you live? Find local painters and decorators now.

Swatches of Service

The level of service can vary; luxury decorators may offer design consultation, which can add value to your experience and your price.

Specific Types of Decorating and Their Prices

Hanging wallpaper

Each kind of decorating adds its own texture to the cost palette. Let's delve into some key types.

JobPrice rangeTime to complete job
Hallway and stair repainting £450 - £6501 to 2 days
Room wallpapering £250 - £500 2 to 3 days
Medium room repainting£250 - £4001 to 2 days

Wallpapering Wonders

Of course, you might want to pay for wallpapering instead of just painting your room. If you choose to have a professional do it for you, the delicacy and precision required for wallpaper work can push rates to £150-£200 per day, excluding materials.

Feature Wall Flavors

If you’re adding a statement wall, the cost can range from £100-£300, depending on the material and intricacy.

Decorative Effects Details

Faux finishes, such as marbleizing or ragging, come at a premium, adding £150-£250 per project.

The Average Cost of Paint and Other Materials

Your wall’s story is inked with more than just pigment; brushes, rollers, and the paint itself are chapters in the cost tale.

The Paintbrush of Choice

Quality brushes and rollers can cost £10-£20 each, but they are often the unsung heroes of a job well done.

Lair of the Paint Can

A typical can of paint can vary between £15-£60, depending on brand and quality.

Papering Per Square

Wallpaper prices hang between £10-£30 per roll for standard papers. Premium or designer papers can span £40-£150 per roll.

How to Save Money on Painting and Decorating

Choosing paint samples

Here are some brushstrokes of wisdom to help keep your cost in the eye-pleasing range.

DIY: The Canvas and the Cost

There’s no canvas as exciting as the one within the comfort of your own home. Doing it yourself can save you hundreds, if not thousands. But be warned: painting a room can take a long time, and you'll need to make sure the surfaces are correctly primed for your decoration to look good and last a long time. Wallpapering is even trickier, as lining up patterns and dealing with wallpaper paste can be a tough job (and a lot harder than it looks).

Material Gains

It might seem like cheaper is better, but if you want to manage your budget in the long run, opt for high-quality or mid-range materials. They offer better coverage and longevity, saving future costs.

Timing Tactics

Flexible timing can lead to cost-efficient rates, particularly in slower business periods.

Choosing a Decorator Based on Your Budget

Like choosing the right color for your walls, selecting a decorator should mesh with your budget and vision.

Portfolio Potentials

A decorator’s portfolio can not only showcase a potential style match but also indicate if their price aligns with the quality of their work.

Trusted Testimonials

Do your own "color consultation" with previous clients. Their testimonials can be an invaluable shade of insight.

The Firm Financing

Larger firms may offer more competitive rates due to economies of scale and a broader skillset.

Get set... decorate!

With this comprehensive UK price guide, you’re now equipped to embark on your painting and decorating journey. Ready to breathe new life into your home? Transform your rooms with a trusted interior painter and decorator on Bark. 

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