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Painting and Decorating Prices for 2021

Average Price
£200 - £300 per room

What can I expect to pay for an Interior Painter and Decorator?

Is your home in desperate need of a revamp, but not sure how much a painter and decorator will cost? Read our handy guide to find out how much your professional will charge to freshen up your walls based on location, room size and more.

Do I need to hire an Interior Painter and Decorator? 

When the interior of your home is looking a bit shabby, a fresh lick of paint goes a long way. While the idea of doing it yourself seems fun, interior painting and decorating aren’t as easy as it looks. If you want an even and high-quality finish, you should hire a trusted professional to get the job done right. Find local painters and decorators.

Painting and decorating on your own is laborious and lengthy - many people underestimate how long it actually takes! A painter and decorator will take the pain out of the process by preparing everything and working efficiently to provide a high-quality finish. They’ll also bring all the tools, so you’ll actually save money by not having to fork out for five different kinds of brushes! 

How much does Painting and Decorating cost? 

If you’re looking to spruce up your home it's important to know just how much a painter and decorator will charge. There’s no fixed rate and the price can vary hugely depending on the type of job, but we’ve put together a rough breakdown based on the prices of local UK professionals: 

Average cost (per medium-sized room) £225 - £300
Minimum cost (per medium-sized room) £200
Maximum cost (per medium-sized room) £600

What changes the cost of an Interior Painter and Decorator? 

The cost of an interior painter and decorator can vary depending on different factors. These include: 

  • Your location 

  • Room size 

  • The condition of your home 

  • Length of time needed

Your location 

Unsurprisingly, a painter and decorator in London is more expensive to hire than other locations. This is because of the higher cost of living. 

LocationAverage cost (per medium-sized room)
London area£300 - £500
Outside of London£200 - £400

Room size 

To give you a rough idea of how much you can expect to pay for a painter and decorator based on the size of your room, here’s a handy breakdown: 

Room sizeAverage cost (per room)
Small£200 - £300
Medium £250 - £400
Large£400 - £650

The condition of your home 

Interior painting and decorating will vary depending on the condition of your home. If your walls are damaged, dented or mouldy, then this will need to be repaired before your decorator can start work. Unless you can do it yourself, any additional work will come at a cost. If your room is wallpapered and you want it painted, you’ll also need to factor in the cost of wallpaper removal. 

Length of time 

Different interior painting and decorating jobs take varying amounts of time to complete, so bear this in mind when you’re considering labour costs. Here’s a handy breakdown of common projects and their average costs: 

JobPrice rangeTime to complete job
Hallway and stair repainting £450 - £6501 to 2 days
Room wallpapering £250 - £500 2 to 3 days
Medium room repainting£250 - £4001 to 2 days

Tips for Saving Money on Interior House Painting

Painting and decorating can be pricey, but don’t worry! Here are some ways you can keep costs down: 

  • Buy the materials yourself - When discussing a quote with your expert, ask if they will provide you with materials and what the cost of these will be on top of the base rate. It might be cheaper to buy the materials yourself to avoid any cost increase for collection. On the other hand, your professional might be able to get a professional discount for paints, brushes and other materials.

  • Invest in high-quality paint - You might think that cheap and cheerful paint will do the trick and save you money, but you will need multiple coats for low-quality paints, which could result in having to buy twice the amount. Investing in good quality paint will save you money in the long run. 

  • Do some of the preparation yourself - Save money on overall costs by rolling up your sleeves and getting some of the work done yourself. Tasks like wiping and taping walls don’t require specialised skills. 

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