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The perks of a Handyman 

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Zara, Staff Writer

Sunday, 14 March 2021

We may now live in an age of superstores and huge DIY companies, but there is one tradesman (or woman!) that should never be overlooked; the handyman. Although a handyman can be either a man or woman, this simple turn of phrase has become a byword for a person who is a jack of all trades. These jobs and tasks may cover something as simple as fitting a door, while others may be as in-depth as constructing a building or plumbing system.

The handyman role is perfect for anyone seeking a professional to fix those odd jobs you’ve always needed doing. Paid by the hour or by the task, a handyman is a flexible contractor that can move a project ahead in moments and has none of the corporation or big company hangups. Read on to see the many perks of hiring a handyman and what they can offer you. 

What does a Handyman do? 

Plainly speaking, a handyman can bring their skills into a variety of different tasks, often working as a one-man band to get the job done. Hiring a handyman might mean major jobs take a little longer, but the overall cost is likely to be far lower than if you hired a professional company instead.  

Where the handyman really comes into their own is with the smaller jobs, ones that you never get round to doing. These may include unclogging a pipe, patching a wall, or painting a room. Some handymen can wait on stand-by and come at a moment’s call, unlike other major contractors.   

How much should I pay a Handyman per hour?

You will find many different competing prices when you’re on the lookout for a handyman. The level of expertise, availability and size of the job will all affect how much you should pay them per hour. This price can also change depending on where in the world you are and what area of the country. Apart from minimum wage laws, there is no real set amount you must pay for a handyman.

What are the basic Handyman skills?

As you’re not employing the services of a company but those of one person, you must ensure the handyman is equipped with the right skills to do the job. These handyman skills should include things such as basic maths, attention to detail, experience with tools, cleanliness, organisation and being apt in problem-solving.

Being equipped with these skills will ensure your handyman gets all the jobs done with complete accuracy and professionalism. 

To sum up 

Hiring a handyman can be the perfect way to shorten that long list of jobs that need doing around the house. With something as simple as fixing a leaking sink or putting up a garden shed, the handyman can have tasks like this finished in a flash. Having one on one direct contact, the handyman is also much easier to communicate with and instruct on what you need to be done.

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