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Installing a new Patio on a budget

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Alex, Staff Writer

Wednesday, 21 April 2021

A patio is a practical space that offers a seamless transition between the inside and outside. Patios are commonly used for dining, entertaining or simply relaxing in the sun making them incredibly versatile.

However, renovating your outdoor areas can come at a cost and patios are no exception. Though there are ways to save money with the right approach.

Here are our top tips on installing a patio on a budget to guide you. 


The simple fact is the larger you make your patio, the more costly it will be. What you need to consider is the purpose of your patio, which will help you make sure it’s the right size for your needs, instead of adding any unnecessary slabs. 

Most people use a patio to house their outdoor furniture, so be sure to measure out the space beforehand which will help you determine what the total size needs to be.


As with any building project you wish to undertake the materials you use will significantly impact the cost. 

The cheapest patio friendly material is concrete slabs, as concrete is a manmade material, unlike most other materials which are sourced from a quarry. 

Concrete slabs are also large and unformed in size, meaning your contractor will require less time to lay them. 

Alternatively, if you did want to go more high end, then consider reducing the size of your patio, and mixing up the rest of your garden with other materials to cut costs. 


Patios come in all shapes, sizes and configurations. If you want to keep your spending to a minimum, opt for a simple patio design. Once you start to merge different shapes, sizes or colours, this is where patios can get expensive. 

Likewise, instead of creating an entire walkway that leads off a patio, you can add larger gaps in between slabs and fill these with gravel or grass. 

Remember, you can always accessorise your main patio area with plants, lights and similar decorative features which will improve the look of your new space without costing a fortune. 


When you think about how much a patio will cost, you also need to consider any long term maintenance. 

If you don’t want the expense of pressure washing or applying special treatments to your patio, then ask your contractor for a low maintenance option. This may mean you pay slightly more upfront but will reduce the costs over the lifespan of your new patio. 

Shop around

It’s a simple tip but one which not enough people do, and that’s to shop around before purchasing any materials. Depending on your agreement with your contractor, you may allow them to source the patio material for you. This is great if they can get a trade discount. However, some people still prefer to choose their own material and have the contractor install it for them. 

If you are going to purchase the patio yourself, take your time to visit different builder’s yards as well as shopping online. Read reviews before you purchase, and be sure to look out for any discount codes which are frequently available for the majority of stores. 

Find Patio Installers for your project

If you’re on a budget with your patio, the key is to choose the right materials and consider the total size of the installation. That way, you can keep costs to a minimum without having to compromise on the enjoyment that a patio can bring. 

Are you ready to install your beautiful new patio? For help or advice on anything we’ve mentioned above, you can find trusted Patio Installers near you on Bark. 

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