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How to choose a builder

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Zara, Staff Writer

Thursday, 17 June 2021

A general builder or general contractor is one person who will be needed for the success of your building and construction projects. Their job is to oversee all activities going on at the construction site.

A builder will remain on-site to make sure that:

  • Work proceeds as planned

  • Other professionals working on-site have all they need to do their jobs effectively

  • Site renovations are successful

Generally, a builder can be hired by the owner of the house, the site engineer, or the architect in charge of the project; and this usually occurs when none of the aforementioned can be on-site to oversee the ongoing construction project. 

What are the responsibilities of a General Contractor?

A general contractor is a key contributor to every successful construction project. Here are some of the roles a general contractor will play for your project:

Project planning and evaluation

Next to the architect, the general contractor has the responsibility of planning out the project. Usually, when the architect is done with creating a plan for the building, the general contractor evaluates the plan and comes up with a strategy that will ensure the execution of the plan made by the architect. The general contractor is able to predict potential pitfalls and see to it that those challenges do not arise during the course of the project. 

Ensuring health and on-site safety for all workers

A general contractor is also charged with the responsibility of ensuring that accidents are prevented on-site. Working together with the client, a general contractor will appoint a health professional to remains on-site, ensuring that no life-threatening accident occurs. A general contractor will also work together with the health professional to come up with safety policies and a plan to enforce them.

Overall project management

Your general contractor is arguably in the best position to make sure that the project proceeds as planned, resources are available whenever they are needed, and that all the workers on-site carry out their responsibilities as and when due. 

In addition, a general contractor makes sure that you do not have to overspend unnecessarily. Any general contractor that is worth the money you pay should have a few valuable contacts of suppliers that can deliver the needed resources at discounted rates. This one factor helps you save some money that you would have otherwise spent. 

How to choose a General Contractor - what should you look out for?

Hiring a general contractor for your construction project is a huge decision and not one that you should make lightly. This is because much trust is needed for whoever will get to fill in that role. 

Before getting into a contract with a builder, here are a few things you must look out for:

  • Have a clear understanding of your project and what success means to you. A general contractor is there to enforce your desires, so you must know what you want.

  • Before settling for a general contractor to hire, take a look at the reviews that past clients and colleagues have left for their services. This could serve as an indicator as to whether or not the person is who they say they are. 

  • Evaluate their work ethics. Do they value diligence, discipline, and are they sincere? This way, you get to choose someone who is trustworthy and reliable.

  • Get quotes from several general contractors before you decide on who to hire. Compare these quotes and make the best choice for your project in terms of the cost involved and the quality of services which you will get in exchange for your money. 

How much does it cost to hire a general contractor? 

The amount you will spend when you hire a local general contractor is dependent on different factors including the duration of your project and the construction site.

To sum up

Hiring a general contractor is a good decision and one that will ensure your project is both successful and concluded at the right time. To know exactly how much you will spend on this, request quotes from general contractors around you now.

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