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Find a web designer in Manchester

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Find a web designer in Manchester

The best web designers near you

A professional web designer in Manchester will be able to work with you to create a website to spec. Perhaps you need a freelance web designer to refresh a homepage, or a web design agency to create a fully bespoke e-commerce website. Whatever your requirements are, your website designer will be able to work towards helping you achieve your online goals.

A web design should be tailored to the needs of your prospects. Work with your professional to gain an understanding of best practices within user experience (UX).

They can also work with you to select the best imagery and video to be used on your website. Give your users the very best online experience and help increase your website conversions.

A web design that converts

Great website design delivers on objectives. For a lot of websites, a key goal will be to increase online conversions. You might have a blog that needs more subscribers, or an online shop that aims to sell more products through the website.

Using a web designer or web design agency in Manchester will help you meet your goals. They can provide specialist knowledge on everything from your content management system (CMS) to conversion rate optimisation (CRO). Specialist UX/UI designers can look at Google Analytics data, as well as heatmaps and conversion funnels in order to optimise the design for higher conversions.

Don’t have this data? That’s not a problem. An experienced web designer will be able to create a clear sitemap, user flow, and call to actions using best practices.

How much does a web designer cost?

It’s tricky to determine the price of web design as no two websites are the same. However, on average, a web designer in Manchester will charge anywhere between £400 – £1,000 depending on the size of the web project.

If you are looking to hire a web designer in Manchester but need a clearer idea on price, read our handy web designer price guide for more information on how much web design costs.

Responsive web design

The variety of devices we use to browse the web has increased dramatically in the past few years. Websites now need to respond to any screen resolution ( responsive web design) on desktops, tablets and mobiles. Work with your web designers to design and develop a responsive website so that your users can access it anywhere, on any device.
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At MXWebsites, we fuse deep technical knowledge with experts in UX/UI to create bespoke websites for our clients. With a team of over 20, we work with clients looking to maximise their ability to scale online. We specialise in the design and development of conversion based websites that grow online revenue for our clients. Typically working on user friendly e-commerce websites, we also have experience with content heavy sites.

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What is the process to designing a website?

A lot of agencies follow a similar format when designing a website. However, it often depends on the complexity of the web project. We would advise agreeing on technical functionality either during the RFP process or prior to designs starting. This will help everyone to have a clear idea of sitemaps and development requirements. You can then move on to wireframing, and eventually designs. We’d also advise on leaving enough time to complete thorough UAT (User Acceptance Testing) so that you can be confident that the site will function correctly when it goes live.

Do you offer any other services, such as marketing or SEO?

We are a specialist web agency so we don’t have a team of digital marketers. However, we do work with a number of partners that can work on the project alongside our team. In this way we ensure that our websites are designed and developed with marketing in mind.

How much input do you expect from clients during the design process?

Again, this can vary dramatically depending on the client and the scope of the project. We have mandatory meetings at key milestones during the project, as well as input from the client. However, we understand that while some clients want to be heavily involved in the design, others prefer to give the agency free rein. Key inputs are usually providing content (text, imagery, video), as well as sign off on design and UAT.

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Web Design FAQs

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How much does web design cost? This is something that can be incredibly difficult to put a figure on due to the nature of the service. There are also differences based on whether you are looking to work with a freelancer or a web design agency, and also whether you need a large, complicated site or something more simple.

We can help you to connect with the right designer to suit your needs. A clear idea of what you need, and how many pages and features are required, will be influential when it comes to pricing. This will help you to get an accurate quote for web design.

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These two terms may seem like they are used interchangeably but they are two different things. A designer will be focused on the visual and creating a UI to suit the user, whereas a web developer is usually focused on the actual core of the website, making it function and using coding to enable it to do what it is supposed to.

When working with a web designer, if you want the whole package of a fully finished and functioning website, check that this is something they can offer before you employ their services. Make sure you have understood if they are offering web design or development, or both.

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  • Responsive - A responsive web page design means that the site is viewable on a number of devices. The design automatically sizes to the screen and the designer doesn’t need to make formats for different devices and desktops.

  • Liquid or Fluid - This is a style of design that will shrink or stretch to the shape of the browser, and the page will look enlarged or shrunk, rather than items being rearranged. The size of the items in the design alter in relation to one another depending on the browser being used.

  • Fixed design - Fixed pages do not alter according to the browser automatically. On some devices such as tablets this can make it harder to see the content as you need to scroll around the page or pinch the screen in order to zoom in on sections. Though it is sometimes essential, fixed design is becoming less common.

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Whether you are working with a freelancer or a big agency, they will have a portfolio for you to view. This allows you to see other, similar projects they have worked on and decide if they have the skills you need.

There are a number of web design certifications and they may be happy to share any they have attained, but there isn’t one standardized industry body.

If you are worried about a designer’s credentials you can also check their feedback from other clients, which you can view on their Bark profile.

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Should you work with a freelancer or an agency? This is one of the decisions you need to make when looking to plan a web design project.

Working with a freelance Web Designer
This may be an option that can save you money. Freelancers are often able to charge less as they don’t have the same overheads as an agency.

Working with a Web Design agency
Web design agencies may have a bigger set of skills to draw upon than a freelancer as they will usually have a number of staff and designers working for them. They may also be able to show you a bigger portfolio, but you can expect to pay more when using an agency.

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Definitely! One of the advantages of hiring a web designer is that they are able to provide services to their clients from any location. However, if your website is for a local audience, then you might want to hire someone nearby rather than further afield, so that they better understand your target market.

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