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Find an accountant in London?

Do you require professional advice on important financial decisions? Are you a business owner in London looking to save on costs? Whether you’re a large business or a sole trader, or simply looking for a tax accountant, tell us what you need and we’ll be able to help find accountants near you.


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Once you tell us what you need from an accountant, you’ll receive quotes from top accounting firms in London. You can be notified as soon as a quote comes in, or you can browse through them at a time that suits you.


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Every accountant & bookkeeper that provides you with a quote will have a unique profile. Browse reviews and ratings to find out what previous clients have to say. You can also contact each one directly if you have any questions.

The best accountants in London

Choose a certified or chartered accountant

Keeping on top of your finances can be a time-consuming task. Your work is a priority, so you’ll want to give it your complete focus, especially if you own a business in London. Working with an accountant puts your finances in the hands of a professional. You can then direct your efforts into earning your income.

To keep your mind at ease and your business profitable, you should choose an accountant in London that’s regulated by a professional body.

An experienced local accountant can add measurable value to your business from day one. Below are certifications to check when finding a accountant.

  • Certified Public Accountant

  • Chartered Accountant

  • member of the Association of International Accountants

  • member of the Institute of Financial Accountants

An accountant will analyse your cash flow, suggest ways to reduce costs, and make you aware of any potential financial issues. Professional accountants will also make sure deadlines for submitting financial information are met. This will avoid costly penalties from HMRC.

At Bark we have a choice of qualified and experienced accountants in London. Maybe you are looking for an established accounting firm or you simply need a tax accountant. All you need to do is submit your requirements and we will find the right accountant for you and your business.

When should I hire an accountant?

You should hire an accountant from day one. keeping on top of your company finances can be a time-consuming task, your work is a priority so you’ll want to give it your complete focus, especially if you own a business in London. Working with an accountant puts your finances in the hands of a qualified professional.

Every pound matters for business owners, so if you do not know where you stand on a monthly basis, you will soon find yourself losing grip of your company finances.

An experienced and qualified accountant will save you time and money year after year. Whether you’re a small or large-sized company, or if you need some help filing your tax return or handling PAYE, we’ll find you the best accountants in London to keep your finances on track.

Advice from accountants when you need it most

Financial projections are a great asset, but only if they’re as accurate as possible. Accountants in London can provide you with in-depth financial forecasts. These are based on an expert understanding of your finances. But the job of an accountant goes beyond providing figures. They can also act as consultants, helping you understand exactly how your finances are working. This will help you make critical decisions with confidence.

Why you should hire an accountant

Financial decisions are rarely made with just one person in mind. You may want a professional accountant to help guarantee financial stability for your family. Or, if you’re the director of a company, there’ll be many people who hold a stake in your finances. Employees, executives, and shareholders want to know everything is moving in the right direction. Small business accountants will help you remain transparent in your financial reporting.

Tax accountants will also keep on top of any HMRC requirements. For example, they’ll file your accounts for you at the end of the financial year. They’ll also calculate how much tax you need to pay. This can avoid penalties, but also determine whether you’re entitled to a refund.

How much does an accountant in London cost?

Accountants are there to manage your financials in order to help you make more informed business decisions when it comes to managing your company's money. On average, an accountant in London will charge between £125 - £350 per month. Although, this is variable depending on the size of the business and what services are required.
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Hudson & Hall Chartered Accountants

Hudson & Hall have over 20 years of experience in providing personal and commercial financial advice. We’re passionate about empowering people to make important financial decisions.

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What’s involved in being a professional accountant?

There’s a lot more to our work than making sure all the figures add up. People want someone to give unbiased financial advice. It’s not just about tracking where the money is going. The knowledge we gather about a person’s finances helps them plan for the future. If a choice they make has negative consequences, it’s often our responsibility.

What makes a good accountant?

Of course, a good accountant has a head for numbers. However, they also have to think strategically. There are always patterns to a person or company’s finances. We analyse these patterns so we can help our clients make the right choices. People need to trust their accountants, therefore relationship management is a skill any accountant should have.

What’s the easiest way a business can save money?

Accountants can be very savvy in finding ways to save money. That being said, one easy method is to avoid HMRC penalties. The costs can be minimal, so there’s an attitude that it can just be absorbed into your outgoings. This is a very shortsighted perspective, as these costs really can build up over time.

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