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Can I find online Tutoring on Bark?

Absolutely! It’s easy to connect with online tutors on Bark. All you need to do is tell us what you’re looking for, and we’ll put you in touch with thousands of experienced online tutoring services. Whether you’re looking for an English tutor, a piano tutor or Physics and Maths tutors, we’ll help you find the best match for the job.

Should you choose online Tutoring or home Tutoring?

It’s a completely personal choice whether to opt for tutoring online or a home tutor. Some people respond better to in-person tutoring whilst others prefer the remote relationship of online tutoring. Many people find that online tutoring fits into their schedule better and may also be cheaper. However, others prefer the more personal relationship that home tutoring offers. The most important thing is that you have a good relationship with your private tutor. The best tutors will be able to teach just as effectively both online and in person.

What to look for in a private Tutor

It can be hard to know what to look for in a private tutor. You want to find the best tutors but what exactly should you be looking for? First things first, you want someone you can relate to. Someone who understands how challenging it can be to learn something new and can empathise when you struggle. You’ll also want to look for a private tutor who is passionate about their subject, as well as having experience tutoring the age group you require, whether that’s adult tutoring, primary tutoring or GCSE tutoring.
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Explore Learning

‘21 Certificate of Excellence

Available throughout the UK, in learning centres and online. For 20 years Explore Learning has been nurturing amazing minds by delivering award-winning maths and English tuition to 4-14-year-olds. Whether it’s passing an exam, moving up a set at school or tackling new challenges, our skilled and dedicated tutors will support your child to achieve their goals through a curriculum tailored to their needs. Combining brilliant people and innovative tools, we create an inspirational place where children grow in confidence and reach new heights in their learning. Unlock your child’s full potential. Book your free trial today.

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What do you love most about your job?

We believe that a tailored curriculum, delivered by brilliant people is the key to learning success.

Explore people are extraordinary people. From our talented tutors to our dedicated managers and all our highly skilled support network that operate behind the scenes, we have managed to attract an incredible amount of talent. We are all connected by one goal – to inspire our
future generations.

Explore Learning has been recognised as being one of the best companies to work for in the UK. The way that employees are developed and celebrated being the key driver in winning such a prestigious prize. We look after our people so they can look after you.

"We really nurture and celebrate our people. Many individuals in the organisation have had long, successful careers at Explore Learning. Our employees’ talents are continually honed and challenged to support their growth in the same way that we develop our members." – Catriona Scott, People Director.

What inspired you to start your own business?

In 2001 a team of four opened the first Explore Learning centre with the vision to be the best complement to a child’s school education. This was a vibrant learning environment where for a couple of hours a week, children worked on their individual needs, honing skills that they most needed for school with the support of great tutors.

This brainchild of father of three, entrepreneur Bill Mills now employs nearly 4000 people, supporting the learning and development of hundreds of thousands of children through the years in dedicated centres and online.

Why should our clients choose you?

Our tuition is trusted, effective and delivers results.

We are invested in your needs and making your journey a success – not just overcoming today’s challenge but preparing for those that you’ll encounter in the future as well. Let’s nurture your child’s amazing mind together.

We are ambitious, motivated and care deeply about making a difference to your child.

The Explore Learning approach is to deliver a bespoke, engaging curriculum to each child and support it with brilliant tutors who instil great learning habits.

Successful learning is not just about the grades – it’s also about the actions – the learning habits that will support your child throughout their life. We call this fearless learning and at Explore we are proud to have developed a generation of fearless learners. Children who stay engaged, are not afraid of making mistakes and know when to ask for help.

We nurture and champion children to thrive in their education and the world beyond.

Can you provide your services online or remotely? If so, please add details.

Exceptional Online Maths and English Tuition.

Everything you’d expect from an online tutor and more.

We’ve put our 20 years of experience running tuition centres together with the latest online technology to deliver highly effective tuition delivered to you in your home.

Supported by expert online tutors.

Our UK based tutors are selected for their positive attitudes, high energy levels and strong academic careers.

Via live video stream they support your child with their curriculum, adapting their approach as skills arise. They will explain tricky concepts, celebrate successes and support your child to overcome challenges independently. They’ll also provide you and your child with feedback at the end of each lesson!

What changes have you made to keep your customers safe from Covid-19?

Making our centres safe for you.

The safety of your family and our people is our absolute priority during this time. We wanted to share with you the steps we are taking to make our centres safe and enjoyable.

Education is our passion, safety is our priority!

We’re taking great care to ensure our learning environments are both safe and enjoyable for your children.

For more information on how we're making our centres safe for you, please go to: https://www.explorelearning.co.uk/making-our-centres-safe-for-you/

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Yes! Whether it's English, maths, guitar or even piano lessons, you can get a tutor online for pretty much any subject. The best thing about having an online tutor is the convenience - you can learn a new skill from the comfort of your own home.

Bark is trusted by millions of customers and professionals worldwide. We find the best local and online professionals for you, for free! Simply tell us what you're looking for and we'll take care of the rest. We'll connect you with the best professionals for your job in minutes.

Before hiring a professional, you can read their reviews by heading over to the 'reviews' section of their Bark profile. If they're new to Bark, they might not have any reviews on their profile yet, so you may want to check out the reviews on their company website instead.

Yes! Our friendly Customer Success team is on hand 24/7 to answer any questions you might have. Give them a call on 020 3697 0237 at a time that suits you, or drop us a line at team@bark.com.

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