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How much does a new roof cost in 2023?

Average Price
£25 per hour

What can I expect to pay for a Roof Installation and Replacement Service?

Does your roof need a revamp, but you’re not sure of the cost? Read our price guide to find out how much a roof and replacement expert will charge based on the size of the roof, the professional’s experience, and much more - we’ve got you covered.

Do I need a Roofer? 

Despite being one of the most important aspects of a property, roofs are often overlooked. Your roof is your main protection from the outside world. If installed well, it can transform the look of your property, keep unwanted leaks at bay, and increase your energy efficiency. Find a Roofer near me.

If you’re thinking of getting the ladder out of the loft and installing or replacing your roof yourself, think again! Roof installation is one of the most important home renovation projects you could undertake, so it pays to hire the help of an expert to get it done properly. Roof installation is also one of the most dangerous jobs out there - DIY attempts could lead to disastrous consequences. Hiring a professional will save money and potential injuries later down the line. 

How much do Roofers charge? 

Roof installation and replacement specialists set their own rates, so it’s difficult to give one definite answer. We’ve done a bit of research to find out the average cost for roof installation and replacement based on local UK professionals.

To give you a better idea of how much you can expect to pay in total, the average total cost of roof replacement and roof installation is given below: 

Average cost (in total)£2,700
Minimum cost (in total) £2,000
Maximum cost (in total) £8,000

What affects the price of Roof Installation or Replacement? 

As you can see, the cost of roof repair can vary quite a lot. To help you get a better idea of how much your roof repair job might cost you, here’s a handy breakdown of some factors affecting price: 

  • The size of your roof

  • Materials used

  • Location

Size of your roof 

It’s no surprise that the size of your roof will be one of the biggest factors affecting the price. If you’re installing or replacing a tiny shed roof, then it’ll be much cheaper than a roof for a detached five-bedroom cottage. Here’s a guide of average costs (roof installation or replacement) based on roof size: 

Roof sizeAverage cost (in total)
Single garage£900
Conservatory £1,100
Average sized house£3,000
Larger house£5,000

Materials used

When choosing the right roof material for you, you need to weigh up several factors, including cost, longevity, and aesthetics. If cost is your biggest concern, we’ve put together a handy breakdown of cost variations for different types of material:


Material Average cost per square metre Advantages Disadvantages
Concrete £10 - £15 Variety of colours and styles, sturdy Heavy
Metal £11 - £16 Strong, lightweightNoisy


Material Average cost per square metreAdvantages Disadvantages
Slate £20 - £30Durable, visual appealHeavy


Material Average cost per square metreAdvantagesDisadvantages
Plastic£30 - £40Durable, easy to installLess of a natural aesthetic
Clay £20 - £90Visual appealProne to breaking


Like with most things, if you live in a bigger city, you’re far more likely to pay higher prices for Roofers in London to cover the cost of the higher price of living. So if you live in the big smoke, you may be looking at up to £6,000 in costs! 

Warning signs you need a new roof

If you want to maintain or increase the value of your home, it’s essential that you keep your roof in tip-top shape. 

Here are some signs that suggest you may need to hire an expert to repair or replace your roof: 

  • Leaking - A leaking roof is the main sign of damage. It suggests that the materials on your roof need to be replaced immediately. If you don’t resolve the issue quickly, it will lead to longer-term, irreversible damage. 

  • Costly energy bills - If your energy bills are creeping up, it could be down to your roof letting energy out of your home. 

  • Shingle granules in the gutter - Shedding shingle granules is a sign that they are suffering from wear and tear damage, and that they made need replacing. 

If your roof is in need of a little TLC, don’t despair! Hire a Roofing Specialist on Bark for a speedy repair. 

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