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Working from home? It's time to consider building a garden office

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Mika, Staff Writer

Wednesday, 21 April 2021

For some, working from home will be a relatively new experience. However, the trend for remote working was always on the horizon, since the internet allows most people to work from practically anywhere these days. 

But as you may have discovered first hand, trying to work from the dinner table or sofa is an art form that’s tricky to master. It’s just not practical and it can be difficult to focus if there are too many distractions.  

Instead, a garden office could hold the answer whether you’re an employee or self-employed. Here are just some of the reasons why it’s a project that’s well worth considering. 

Separate work and home life

When you try to work and live in the same space, it can mean you don’t have a clear distinction between both areas of your life. Kids and pets may not understand you need to work, and you may struggle to leave the stresses of the day behind when you’re in the same physical space. But with a garden office, when you close the door, you’re better able to switch off until it's time to return. This also helps to create better boundaries, ensuring you work more efficiently in the day, instead of allowing your work to drag on late into the evening.

Suitable for a wide range of professions

The ‘office’ can mean different things depending on your industry. As well as a typical computer setup for completing admin work, you can use a garden office for a wide range of purposes. There’s no limit to the professions this can include such as therapists, tutors, personal trainers, beauticians, designers, architects, writers, photographers and many more. Therefore, a garden office offers so much flexibility regardless of what it is that you do. 

Flexible design options

No two outdoor spaces are the same, nor are a person’s job requirements. Some people may work alone and require a small office, whereas others need several rooms to carry out their work in. Home offices can either come pre-designed to be assembled on-site, or be custom made from scratch. Every single aspect from the size, colour, materials, number of windows etc can be fully customised to your needs. Compare this with renting an office, and you’d never have this much choice seen as you can only rent whatever is available. 

Increase your property’s value

Remember what we said about working from home becoming more mainstream? It’s not just you requiring an ideal space to work from without leaving your property. Instead, it’s becoming something more and more of us are looking out for. As well as a sharp rise in people leaving inner-city locations for spacious properties in the sticks, having a garden office is going to be something people are now specifically asking for when purchasing a property. Early indications show a garden office could add 5% to the value of your property, meaning the cost of building one will easily be recouped. 

A commute time of just a few seconds

One of the biggest perks of working from home is ditching rush hour. Endless hours spent stuck in traffic or on public transport is time you cannot get back. But if you have an office in your garden, your commute is suddenly reduced from hours to seconds. All of which means spending more time doing what you love, without having to compromise on your career. 

Boost your mental health

A garden office is a calming environment that’s set amongst the outdoors. In the warmer months, you may even wish to slide open the doors so that you’re practically working outside. You can also fill the space with comfortable seating, plants and anything else that floats your boat. This scenario is so much better for your mental health, versus being stuck in a dreary office with no personal space, with migraine-inducing yellow lighting. Instead, embrace the future with your very own garden office that seamlessly blends both environments.

Find a Builder for your garden office project

Whether you buy a pre-made garden office or want to build one from scratch, there will still be a fair amount of assembly involved. This includes building the walls, installing the windows, laying down floors etc. It requires the right expertise to ensure your garden office is built correctly so that it is safe, secure and of course… looks the part!

If you’re ready to get started or need further advice, you can find local Builders near you on Bark. From planning to installing your garden office, trust the experts if you want the best outcome for your project.

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