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Don't ignore these 5 problems with your roof

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Zara, Staff Writer

Wednesday, 17 March 2021

Sitting at the very top of your property, your roof is designed to protect your home from the elements. But as with all areas of your home, over time your roof is going to need some maintenance. Whether you have a flat roof or a pitched roof, it’s important you don’t think ‘out of sight, out of mind’ where this vital structure is concerned. 

Here are some of the 5 top problems you need to look out for with your roof to tell you more. 

Missing roof tiles

How can your roof perform properly if it’s got bits missing? Roof tiles can become loose for many reasons, but it usually happens after strong winds blow the tiles off. Tiles that have partially slipped out of place are also problematic, as they will be exposing the membrane underneath. Fixing missing roof tiles is usually quite straightforward, so long as you get a roofer to look at it as soon as you notice the problem. 


Fixing a leaking roof doesn’t just involve putting a bucket underneath the drip of water! Instead, you need to get a roofer to inspect where the source of the problem is. It’s good to note that with roof leaks, where you notice the water coming through may not directly correlate with where the problem is, since water will travel down the easiest path it can find. Have the leak fixed before it has the chance to create serious structural damage to your ceilings or even a flood inside your home. 

Sagging appearance

You could be forgiven for thinking that a sagging roof adds charm to a building, especially if it’s a period property. But, it could be caused by any number of serious issues including improper workmanship or problems with your foundations. You won’t know what’s up unless someone gets up there to inspect your roof. There will come a point when the sagging turns to caving in, which is why you need to get it looked at pronto. 

Pooling water

Despite their name, ‘flat roofs’ are supposed to have a slight pitch to their angle, so that rainwater can drain away. Alternatively, some flat roofs have a drainage system built into the roof itself, similar to a plug hole in a bathtub. Your roof isn’t designed to hold water long term, especially a lot of it which will be incredibly heavy on the structure underneath. Unless the source of the issue is dealt with, it could cause the roof to collapse or make it too dangerous to walk on due to a weakened structure. 

Your roof is at the end of its life

Sometimes you have to know when to admit defeat! Roofs last between 20 and 80 years depending on what they are made from, the quality of the installation and how well they’ve been maintained. If you have no idea when your roof was last replaced and it appears to be showing signs of wear, then it will likely need doing soon. It’s cost-effective to replace your roof when needed, as frequent repairs can get very expensive. Plus, old roofs are unlikely to be energy-efficient either. 

To sum up

As a property owner, you must take good care of your roof since many other problems can happen as a result if you ignore the issue. To keep hassle and ultimately the costs down to a minimum, be sure to hire a roofer to inspect your roof in the first instance of noticing any of the above issues. 

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