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How much does a Garage Conversion cost? 2023

What is a Garage Conversion?

Garages were intended as a place to store your vehicle, but now only a small percentage of people do so. Instead, garages are usually filled with junk, rendering them useless spaces. A garage conversion will turn your junk room into usable living space, increasing the value of your home at the same time. Find a Garage Conversion Specialist.

Depending on the size of your garage and the layout of your home, there are various types of conversions you can undertake. For example, extending your kitchen or even creating a downstairs bedroom for elderly relatives or those with mobility issues. Other uses include a home office or a gym, making garage conversions extremely versatile.

How much does a Garage Conversion cost? 

The cost of a garage conversion can vary widely depending on the size and the finish of the project. Location is also going to affect the cost, as builders in the South East will charge more for their services. To give you a general idea, here’s a breakdown of average costs based on local UK professionals:  

Type of garage conversionHighest average price Lowest average price
Medium £13,500£10,000

Garage conversions range in cost from £5,000 for the smallest and most basic finish up to £20,000 for large, high-spec conversions. Homeowners will pay £13,500 on average which includes all of the external and internal works.

Whether your project is on the lower or higher end of the scale, the advantages of a garage conversion are that it’s cheaper, not to mention less disruption than an extension would be. Plus, it will add value onto your home.

If you are converting the garage into an extra bedroom, it will also be cheaper and less hassle compared with moving house. 

What changes the cost of a Garage Conversion? 

The cost of a garage conversion can vary depending on different factors, including: 

  • Other work involved 

  • Building regulation checks 

  • Planning permission 

 Other work involved

There is quite a bit of work involved in converting a garage. The space will need to have adequate lighting, heating, power and insulation. The garage door will be removed and bricked up with a window added to the front. Towards the back, a door can be added or you can knock through to create one long extended space. 

In terms of cost, it depends on the size of the room as well as the spec of the finish you wish to aim for. New windows will set you back £500, and if they are aluminium or particularly high spec the cost could be higher.

Remember your quote will need to cover the building work itself, as well as the internal decoration. If you wish to hire an architect or interior designer the project will be more expensive.

Building regulation checks 

Building regulation checks will also need to be carried out which cost £300 on average. This is necessary to ensure your garage conversion is fire regulated, energy-efficient, moisture-proof, structurally sound and that all the electrics are safe. 

Planning permission

Generally, garage conversions don’t require planning permission. However, if you are making substantial changes to the front of your home or if you live in a conservation area, then it may be necessary. When applying for planning permission you may have to pay an application fee. 

Other considerations 

Knowing your garage would work better as a living space is the first step. But, you need to consider the space you have to work with, what you want to use the room for as well as the level of finish you want to achieve. 

Here are some of the main points to consider to help you figure out both your vision and your budget.

  • Your current garage space 

  • Usage types 

  • The value added to your home 

Your current garage space

The first step is to consider your current garage space and crucially, the rooms it could potentially lead out onto. You need to decide whether the room will be separate or extend onto another room. Usually, a garage will have two access point options which sit to the side and rear of the room. 

Usage types

There are countless options to choose from when converting your garage into a more useable space. Ideally, the extra space you will gain from the conversion should solve a problem you have. For example, needing an extra bedroom or a home office. 

If your garage is quite thin and narrow, it may not work as an individual room. Therefore, it won’t add as much value onto your home. However, it can still come in handy as a utility room or even as a dining area if your kitchen is quite small. 

The usage type will have an impact on the type of internal work you’ll need to undertake, which will affect the completion time as well as the budget. 

The value added to your home

A garage conversion could add as much as 20% onto the value of your home, especially if it’s a double garage or if an additional storey has been created. 

Given the average property price in the UK is £231,185, 20% would add as much as £46,237 onto the typical property price.

Of course, the true figure depends on your location, the scope of the work carried out and to what standard. Either way, given garage conversions are much cheaper than property extensions, it’s a much more affordable way to add value onto your home. 

Is it worth getting a Garage Conversion?

If you don’t use your garage to park your car, that space is going to waste. A garage conversion is worth the time and money because it will bring that space back into use. It can add a much-needed bedroom or dining space onto your home, which ultimately will add value to your home. 

Whatsmore, it can dramatically improve the curb appeal of your home, especially when done to a high spec. Overall, a garage conversion will ensure every part of your property adds value and has proper usage.

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