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How much does a Gardener cost? 2023

Average Price
£20 per hour

What is the price of a Gardener?

Need a gardener but not sure of the cost? Read our handy price guide to find out how much your expert will charge for all your gardening needs, including landscaping services, pressure washing, and more!

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Whether you’re a city dweller or a country bumpkin, everyone deserves a beautiful garden. But with life getting in the way, it’s not always easy to keep our green spaces up to scratch. That’s where a gardener comes in! 

A gardener has the tools, experience, and expertise to transform the most unsightly of green spaces into an oasis of tranquillity. Whether you want to enhance the existing layout of your garden or get down to some long-neglected weeding, your gardener will be able to design, maintain, and manage your perfect garden.

How much does a Gardener cost? 

You might be wondering just how much a garden revamp will cost. Unfortunately, there’s no fixed rate when it comes to hiring a gardener. The good news is that we’ve put together a handy breakdown based on the prices of local UK gardeners: 

Average cost (per hour) £20
Minimum cost (per hour) £15
Maximum cost (per hour) £25

What changes the cost of a gardener? 

The cost of hiring a gardener can vary depending on a range of factors: 

  • Size of your garden 

  • Type of work 

  • Location 

Size of your garden 

The size of your garden will always affect the price of hiring a gardener. A larger garden requires more labour time, as well as more materials, which can bump up the price quite a lot.

There are other price factors to consider, like your location and the type of work required, but to give you a general idea here is a breakdown of the average prices of general garden maintenance based on the size of the garden: 

Size of gardenAverage cost (in total)
9m x 9m£40 - £135
14m x 14m£100 - £350

Type of work 

Gardening encompasses a wide range of jobs, including hedge trimming, patio or decking washing, landscaping, clearance, and much more. Depending on the level of complexity and the time it takes to complete each job, the price can vary considerably based on what it is you actually want to be done. Here’s a breakdown of common gardening services and their prices: 

Gardening serviceAverage cost (per hour)
Landscaping £20
General maintenance £12 - £15
Weeding £20
Mowing £20
Pressure washing£25 - £30
Tree trimming£30 - £40

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If you live in a big city like London, you will pay more for the same garden service simply because of the higher cost of living. It’s not just London where prices are higher, though. You can also find price variations across different parts of the UK. Here’s a rough breakdown to make it easier for you:

LocationAverage cost (per hour)
South East England£20
South West England £18
West Midlands £20
Yorkshire and the Humber£15

How to save money on Gardening Services

Gardening can be expensive, especially if you require a regular service. But don’t worry! There are ways to keep costs down. Here are some handy tips and tricks on how to hire a gardener on a budget:

  • Use recycled materials - Some professionals source the materials for you, some don’t. If you want to save money, sourcing your own recycled materials could be a cheaper option than getting them from a garden centre or asking your professional to get them for you. Keep an eye out for garage sales, charity shops, and online ads to find garden materials including anything from plant pots to old tools and everything in between. You never know what an old bit of material can be transformed into, with a bit of creativity! 

  • Be clear about hidden costs - Always have an upfront discussion with your gardener about cost breakdowns. A lot of gardeners charge an additional price for services that you may think are included in the general price. For example, waste disposal often isn’t included in the general fee. A cheaper option could be to remove the waste yourself using a local waste collection service. 

  • Think about long-term maintenance - If you want to avoid paying for a regular gardening service, ask your gardener to advise you on the best options for a low-maintenance garden. For example, artificial grass installation is far less work than having to regularly mow natural grass. Local flowers are also less maintenance as they will naturally grow with the climate. Lavender is an example of a low-maintenance plant which doesn’t require much pruning or feeding, and looks gorgeous! Win-win. 

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Updated 14.02.22

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