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How to Landscape your garden on a budget

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Alex, Staff Writer

Wednesday, 10 March 2021

Everyone dreams of having a perfectly landscaped garden, but not everyone has the budget to achieve that dream. What if we told you that it’s possible to get that gorgeous landscaped garden without the big budget?

We’ve put together our top tips for landscaping your garden on a budget, helping you to achieve the garden you’ve dreamed of within a realistic budget.

Celebrate your contours

Moving soil around is one of the most expensive parts of landscaping a garden so you can limit your costs by leaving it alone. You can save money by embracing your contours rather than trying to change them. Celebrate your slopes and love your dips.

You’ll also find that sloped gardens are the perfect foundation for water features, terraces and steps. The small details make all the difference and will enhance your garden’s contours, making it the envy of your friends whilst keeping the costs down.

Upcycling is for gardens too

Think about what you can recycle from your existing garden. Old fence panels can be repurposed into a gate whilst plants can be moved into new beds. Using what you’ve already got will save you valuable money and allow you to use your budget where it’s really needed.

You can also repurpose pallets and old tyres to create decorative planters, patio furniture or even a climbing frame for your children. Take a look on Pinterest for ideas – they’re endless!

Sow seeds

It can be tempting to plant fully-grown plants, but you’ll save money if you start small. Try opting for seeds, small plants or even cuttings and you’ll find that you keep the costs down. In just a few years, your garden will look just as great as if you’d started with the fully-grown, more expensive plants - it’ll just take you a bit longer to get there.

Take advantage of the sales

Most nurseries will have sales when the seasons change, offering huge discounts. Time your garden purchases just right and you could secure yourself big cost savings that benefit both your wallet and your garden.

This also applies to outdoor furniture. You’ll be able to take your pick from the reduced stock rather than feeling like you’re limited by your budget.

Small touches can make a big impact

It’s easy to overlook the smaller details, but they can make the biggest impact without ramping up the costs. Try adding a vintage bird feeder, a colourful wind chime or some decorative solar lights to your garden and you’ll instantly notice the difference.

Hire a Landscape Professional

When you’re looking to landscape your garden on a budget, hiring someone to design your garden or to do the landscaping work is probably at the bottom of your list.

However, landscapers are the real experts when it comes to revamping your garden. They’ll know where the best savings can be made and where you shouldn’t cut corners. Hiring a landscape professional can help you to achieve the best possible garden without going over your budget. 

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