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7 effective ways to boost conversion rates for your website

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Alex, Staff Writer

Tuesday, 4 May 2021

Website Optimisation

Is your website not performing to the level that you want? You may want to start looking at effective ways to boost the conversion rate on your site. 

If your website is not maximising conversion opportunities, your business is probably losing quite a bit of money already due to a poor or unsatisfactory level of website conversion optimisation.

So, what exactly can you do to help your situation? Let’s take a look at these 7 fundamental practices that every website should implement to increase website conversion:

  1. Make your website user friendly

  2. Ensure your website is valuable to your key audience

  3. Add relevant CTAs throughout your website

  4. Remove visual distractions 

  5. Produce amazing content

  6. Add images and embed videos, to build trust and boost engagement

  7. Test different variations of your website

Make your website user friendly

Here’s the thing. No one will have a nice experience on your website if it isn’t easy to use or if it isn’t optimised for mobile devices. Ensure you check how long your site takes to load on desktop and mobile devices. It’s unlikely customers are going to interact with your page at all if it fails to load quickly in the first instance!

Making your website as easy to use as possible, and making it responsive to all devices that your customers could be using is an essential part of increasing website conversion rates. If you aren’t quite sure how to achieve that, we’d recommend you hire a local web designer to highlight the gaps in your website and what needs to be done about it. 

Your website has to be valuable to your audience

Speaking to the needs of your prospects and outlining clearly how you are going to be of help to them is fundamental in increasing your website’s conversion rates. It doesn’t matter if you are selling consultancy services or customised t-shirts.

Regardless of your industry, you need to cater your website to your customers so that you make them feel at ease, and help them find their way to the checkout.

Add relevant CTAs throughout your website

Don’t assume that your website visitors know that you want them to sign up for a newsletter or pay for your coaching service. It is your job to remind them - subtly and blatantly. This is where a CTA comes in.

A Call To Action (CTA) is an instruction you leave for website visitors that tells them what action they need to take after they have interacted with a piece of content. Think of all the “sign up now,” “purchase this book,” “hit the share button,” and other instructions you have received after interacting with content. These are CTAs and to increase your site’s conversion rate, you must take it upon yourself to use the right CTAs on your website to boost your web conversion rates.

Remove distractions from your site

Your site visitors do not want to be harassed by ads as soon as they set foot on your site. As a result, eliminate anything that will serve to distract them from what they came to get on your site. The less distracting your site is, the higher your conversion rates are going to be.

Some of the most successful websites on the internet are super boring. You may be asking yourself why and how that is possible. Well, think of it this way. Imagine that you land on a white website with black text. And on the bottom, there is a single CTA in bright orange colour. The visitors are significantly more likely to be attracted to the button as compared to if your entire website was full of colours and distractions.

You need amazing content

Website conversion rate optimisation

Even if your site is perfect, you have no hope of conversions without great content. As a website owner, focus on getting amazing content for your site, and if you cannot, you may want to outsource this task to an expert content creator. Once you’ve created the content, make a note to consistently review what you have written. Keeping your content up to date is a great way to ensure your website remains relevant and useful to the customer.

Remember that your free website content must be good enough that it lures visitors into taking the action you want them to.     

Add images and video content, to build trust and engagement

Adding imagery to break up long segments of text, is a great way of helping your readers understand any key objectives or ideas in your content, in a more visual way. A reader’s focus may begin to decline if they have to read multiple paragraphs of text, one after the other. A more creative way of keeping your user engaged would be to include infographics, or embedded video content, to break up the text where relevant. 

Adding customer testimonials, or even a section introducing a team member, will help to build a level of trust between your business or product offering, and the consumer. This should positively impact your website’s conversion rates. 

Test different variations of your site     

Boost website conversion rates

Don’t be afraid to alter what you’ve already constructed on your website. If what’s on your site is currently not working - it’s better to find an alternative which helps you achieve any conversion-related goals! 

Make alterations to your font, layout, CTA text, alongside anything else you think may be improved with adjustments. Be sure to make notes to check how each change has impacted your overall website’s performance. These changes will help guide you in finding what works best to help boost the overall number of conversions.

You can see a short list of software tools below, which will assist you in reporting or tracking on your A/B site testing, as well as further recommended options:

Having great website conversions is one good way to hit your business goals. Use the tips discussed in this article to increase your site’s conversions. In case you are still struggling with boosting conversions, you can enlist the expertise of a digital marketing specialist, or you can hire a local web designer to help you map out a converting and successful website structure.

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