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Find Marketing Agencies Near You

Are you looking to find a marketing agency to propel your business, product, or service to the next level? We can help you to find marketing agencies and marketing firms near you.

Marketing agencies can help with anything from your business plan and branding, to coming up with a plan to take a new product to the market.

Choosing the perfect professional

How much is a Marketing Agency?

It can be hard to work out exactly how much the services of a marketing or advertising agency will cost without providing a lot of details of the project you are working on.

A big company working with a marketing agency on a global product launch can expect the costs to be vastly different from working with a small marketing agency to promote a local business.

There are also different ways marketing firms charge for products. For some companies, it makes sense to have a marketing agency on a monthly retainer so that they can use their services month-to-month. However, if you need help with a launch, for example, you might find a service that charges on a per-project basis.

What do Marketing Agencies do?

What is a marketing agency? What do they do? How can they help your business and increase the revenue you are bringing in? This is normally the goal of working with an advertising agency as you want to grow your business and profits.

Different marketing agencies have different areas of specialism. This is usually a good sign, as it is tough for a marketing agency to offer everything with high quality. Different types of marketing firms might be sought in different situations.

  • Marketing agency - A company advertising its services as a marketing agency usually focuses on both online and offline marketing. They will usually have different branches of the company that can handle aspects such as design and advertising.

  • Advertising agency - An advertising agency usually focuses on ads such as getting paid ad slots on television, radio, or using PPC networks to maximize the visibility of your business. Advertising agencies may also create the ads themselves within their design departments or work to create video or audio ads.

  • Internet marketing agency - An internet marketing agency will usually focus on online ads and getting placements on specific websites and online publications that can help to promote a service or a product. PPC and sometimes SEO (search engine optimization), as well as social media marketing, can form a big part of these agencies. If you rely on making most of your sales online then an internet marketing agency can be the ideal choice.

Marketing Services

There are a huge number of different services that can be provided by marketing agencies. This is one of the reasons why it makes sense to get a full quote for the services you need. An agency can produce a tailored package for your needs but this will mean that you have to ask for a specific quote, rather than a “one-size-fits-all” pricing structure. We’ve listed some of the popular marketing services below.

Keep in mind that an incredible range of services can fall under the “marketing” category so this is not a comprehensive list.

  • SEO

    SEO is the art of getting a website to the top of search engines. It is arguably the most popular internet marketing service. It involves perfecting your content, website layout, and targeting certain keywords to try and gain traffic from Google and Bing. SEO strategies may also suggest more content to allow you to target new keywords.

  • PPC

    Pay-per-click advertising networks can advertise on relevant websites or even within search engines. Paying for these clicks means you don’t have to get to the top of the search engines organically, but you will have to pay every time someone clicks through to your website.

  • Content marketing and creation

    The output of content is very important for many modern businesses. Content marketing comes in many forms. An example is writing about a product as guest posts on websites or getting an editorial mention within magazines and other publications. Content creation is often in the form of written content but there are also forms of content creation involving graphics and video.

  • Branding and design

    A lot of the marketing services on this list are quite modern but branding and design have been important for centuries. It all ties into how your brand looks. Branding is a way to create a consistent image, with design aspects like logos and even colour schemes playing a role.

    When Apple releases a product, you know it is by Apple. This is all down to their branding. There are other design services too, which can vary from creating a simple design for your business signage to creating a full branding guide, logo, and graphics to promote your business. Sometimes the branding and design aspects of your business might be outsourced to creative agencies rather than marketing agencies, but these two types of business often work together, or under the same umbrella of a marketing company.

  • Web design and development

    Many marketing agencies offer website design and development as part of their package. Though you can find web designers operating separately, this may be a part of the package you wish to negotiate with an agency so it makes sense to find a marketing agency that can at least provide a quote for this. Marketing agencies sometimes take a different approach to web design and development and look at usability and user experience rather than just the way the website looks and functions.

  • Analytics

    This is a part of the package for a marketing agency. They should be able to analyze trends and data from your business in order to find new opportunities, show the improvements they are making, and allow you to better understand how your marketing works. On large campaigns, this is vital and can avoid wasting money unnecessarily on ineffective marketing strategies.

  • Marketing training

    This is especially useful if you have a lot of staff and you need them to implement certain things to help with your marketing strategies. For example, if you run a chain of stores and you want the staff to all take a new approach to the brand message. Training might be something that an agency can offer.

  • Inbound and outbound marketing

    When you are looking for a marketing agency near you, you might come across the terms “inbound” and “outbound”. What do these mean? What is the difference?

    Outbound marketing includes anything that falls under the more “intrusive” methods of marketing. For example, things like cold calling and sending huge email blasts, as well as TV ads, can be called “outbound”. The term comes from the fact that the business promoting itself is pushing the message out to others.

    Inbound marketing is all about giving value to a potential customer. For instance, providing valuable information on your website that they can use in their business. By giving value to potential customers they might then engage with your business in other ways. It is also a chance for a business to prove that they have plenty of knowledge and will be able to provide the service or product required.

Do I need a Marketing Agency?

Should you hire a digital marketing agency? Can you do your marketing yourself or get your staff to carry out marketing tasks? This really depends on what type of business you are and the size of the business.
If you are a small business that doesn’t turn over a lot of money then a marketing agency might be able to help you get to the next level, but they might also cost a lot of money. It can be hard to justify.

On the other hand, if you are running a large business and you find that other local businesses are taking your potential clients and customers then it is worth looking at the ways in which you can improve. A marketing agency could be the perfect way to do this. Ideally, if you can find a marketing agency that has helped businesses of a similar size scale to the next level then you will know they have a proven track record.

Ultimately, working with a marketing agency near you is an investment. The goal is for the exposure that the agency can provide to end up in more sales and more revenue. Making good marketing decisions can result in the growth of your business.

The key to making a decision on whether or not to employ an agency is understanding the stage your business is at. If you are a small company then you might be able to do things like collect email addresses and run small PPC campaigns and social media accounts yourself. Larger companies can find that marginal improvements in these areas can make a big difference to their bottom line.

Can I use an Online Marketing Agency?

Marketing agencies are a service you can use regardless of their location. A marketing agency doesn’t strictly have to be in the same country. If you want to, you can work with a marketing firm on the other side of the globe.

There are some advantages and disadvantages of working with a marketing agency online rather than working together in person. Though it can be cheaper to employ a marketing agency based elsewhere, they might lack the knowledge of the local area and local markets that can help with certain location-targeted marketing campaigns. Other issues can arise from working with internet marketing services and not meeting in person. You may function in different time zones, and this can make communication between offices tricky.

Once again, this is something that varies hugely depending upon which service you are looking to make use of. If you need someone to help you to plan the launch of a local store then having a local marketing company can be ideal. This can help you to tap into their local knowledge.

Some services may not be tied to location. If you are looking to get a new logo or rebrand, or you want someone to put together a PPC campaign for you, then it might not make a difference where they are based. You can take advantage of more affordable services in other parts of the world if you are happy not meeting in person.

How do I check my Marketing Agency’s credentials?

Before you employ the services of a marketing agency, it is normal to want to check their credentials. In some industries, it is easy to check if someone is accredited, but marketing agencies can be a little more abstract. How do you check if a marketing agency has a good track record?

One of the best ways to check the credentials of a marketing agency is to look at the work they have already done. A good marketing agency should have examples of projects they have worked on and be able to show how they have increased the bottom line of other businesses.

There are professional bodies for marketers and marketing agencies, and it is a good sign if a company is registered with these. There are also certificates and accreditations available from the likes of Google and Bing, who have certified partners for their ad networks. This shows you that they have forged partnerships and may have even taken exams to allow them to join these partner networks.

When you check a marketing agency’s credentials it is a good idea to check based on the specific services you are looking to employ. Though a marketing agency may offer all sorts of services, a good track record of web design doesn’t necessarily mean that they are great at other aspects of marketing such as advertising campaigns.

Contact multiple agencies if you need to. Advertising agencies and marketing companies should be able to prove that they are able to do the work you are hoping for, and will often put together a proposal.



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