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How to use SEO to make your website rank higher

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Mika, Staff Writer

Wednesday, 17 March 2021

With SEO (search engine optimisation) the clue is in the name. It relates to the efforts you take to sync your website with what people are searching for on the internet. 

As an organic way of building traffic, SEO takes time to understand and begin to see results. That said, it’s something that all website owners need to pay close attention to. Otherwise, you could be receiving only a fraction of the traffic you could be getting, because your website isn’t optimised correctly. Here’s what you need to know to climb those rankings. 

Use keywords

Every website will have a list of keywords that relate to its products and services. To find out what these are in terms of your website you need to conduct research, or better still have an SEO specialist do this for you. Ideally, your keywords should be compiled in a spreadsheet so that you can include them in your website’s main content as well as your blog posts and social media feeds. The keywords could be single words or phrases depending on your industry, such as ‘plumbers in London’, or ‘healthy recipes for kids.'

Optimise your images

If you’re uploading images onto your website without renaming the files or adding image tags, you’re missing a trick! That’s because SEO doesn’t just extend to visible text. Search engines will crawl all available data, and this includes what information your images provide too. Filling out image tags can be time-consuming, but compared with naming your images ‘untitled3’ - it’s going to give Google a much better understanding of what your content is about. 

Conduct regular reviews

We’ve got news for you: It’s not just you who is implementing SEO on their website! Your competitors as well as the wider internet are also upping their SEO game. Unless you check where you are ranking for certain keywords, you can’t possibly know if you’re in a good position or not. If your pages are slipping, you need to get to the root cause and improve your techniques to climb back up again. That way, you can be confident your website is being shown within the first few results of a related Google search. 

Fix any issues with your website

A non-responsive website, broken links, slow load times and copied content are just some of the issues that could be pushing your rankings way down on the results pages. Search engines don’t just crawl for information, they analyse how long the user spends on the website to gauge whether it was truly a helpful result or not. Poor performing web pages will mean people make a quick exit, pushing up your site’s bounce rate. Therefore, you must fix the problems before any other SEO work you undertake will be of benefit. 

To sum up

There’s a huge difference in whether your website ranks on the first or last page of Google. After all, if your competitors appear before you, then customers are more likely to click on them rather than you. It’s time to fix that!  

By addressing any SEO issues, you will give your website the best chance of connecting with users who are searching for related terms. Whether you’re new to SEO or if your website needs some updating, you can find an SEO expert on Bark to get your site climbing those ranks.

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