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Branding is a visual representation of your business. A logo design is one of the main components of your branding, and should be something that’s instantly recognisable. A logo can be simplistic or even feature elaborate colours and illustrations. However, what matters is that it best reflects the nature of your company.

A graphic designer is highly skilled in the visual arts. They will use their expertise to develop and refine your logo design. Logos appear on everything from your shop signage to your social media, so it needs to be something that works in all scenarios.

Whether you have an idea in mind for your logo or are unsure, we’ll help you find the best local logo designers for the job.


What makes a good Logo?

Think of your logo as a visual piece of communication. First and foremost, a logo should accurately represent what it is that you do. It should speak to your customers and set the tone for your business. The design doesn’t need to be overcomplicated. It should use no more than 2-3 colours and work just as well in black and white as it does in colour.

To achieve the best outcome, you should allow the graphic designer to lead the process. While you’ll have the final say, your logo must look professional which can only happen if the designer has been allowed to curate the best style, colours, and typography based on their expertise. Good communication from both sides will allow for the best interpretation of the brief.

Different types of Logo Design

Logos can take various forms. It’s also possible to have a combination of logo design types to suit your wider branding needs. If you’re not sure what style of logo would work best for your business, then your graphic designer will be able to advise you.

  • Lettermarks - Your company name is written out in letter form. Rather than it simply being a case of typing out the word, it takes skill to choose the right typeface and placement of the letters. Typography uses either a serif or a sans serif font. Lettermark logos are especially effective for signage and company vehicles.
  • Pictorial - A graphic image that represents your business. For example, a bone for a pet store or a pair of scissors for a hairdresser. A pictorial logo can feature any shape, and be created in several different ways, such as a flat graphic or a 3D image.
  • Combination logo - Combining both pictorial and lettermark elements to give one complete image. The pictorial could be placed at the side or above the lettermark, depending on what works best visually.
  • Emblem - An emblem logo is similar to a badge or a seal. The name of the brand will be written inside the shape, as opposed to being placed separately. Emblem logos have a sense of prestige and are used within a variety of industries.

What credentials should a Logo Designer have?

While some graphic designers are self-taught, most will have some form of diploma or arts-based degree. For example, BA Hons Graphic Design. They may also have a background in communications or marketing. Look out for any graphic designers who’ve had placements in design agencies. The more industry experience they’ve had, the more likely they will be able to come up with an extraordinary design for your new logo.

Can I get a Logo Designed online?

Absolutely! As graphic design can be completed remotely, it’s possible to hire a logo designer anywhere in the world via the internet. However, local graphic designers should still be considered, especially if your business is niche to your area. What matters is getting the right talent for the job, rather than where they are based.

How to avoid bad Logo Design

Hiring the right graphic designer to create your logo is the best way to ensure you are satisfied with the finished product. Viewing the designer’s portfolio beforehand will give you some clues as to the type of style and the quality they can achieve. However, it is you the client that will be setting the brief and communicating what you’d like to get out of the project.

Many aspects contribute to bad logo design. For example, copying from existing designs, dated styles, or inappropriate use of visual elements. Both the image and the typography (font) need to be taken into consideration.

How much do Graphic Designers charge for a Logo?

Logo design is tricky to price because it depends on the individual client and the skill of the designer. Whether you pay a graphic designer by the hour or a fixed fee will also affect the total price.

On that note, beware of online websites offering to design logos for peanuts. While logos from these sources can be cheap to obtain, often the work is of a very poor standard. Another common issue is copied work, which could cause you legal issues later down the line. With graphic design, it is true that if you buy cheap it will cost your business more in the long run. So always choose a verified, experienced professional to take care of your logo design.

What to look for in a Logo Designer

When choosing a graphic designer to create your new logo, the proof is in the pudding, or this case, their portfolio! Take a look at what they have done previously. Ideally, this should include lots of branding examples. A logo designer should have a strong visual understanding. Ideally, they will be educated in graphic design, and have plenty of studio experience.
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Studio Links Ltd

We develop Brands from DNA. Fully Qualified designer with a BA (Hons) Degree 30-year experience in BRAND development Please read our TESTIMONIALS. Check out * Services * for our PRICES. Have a QUESTION? or Want a QUOTE? please contact us. Find our contact details on our website in "Social Media & LINKS". Check out our PORTFOLIO in "PHOTOS"

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What do you love most about your job?

The thing we love most about our job is the creative process, it is always enjoyable, sometimes challenging but always enjoyable, each project is different and so, in every job we learn a little, a little about your business, your customer and your industry. We focus on small to medium-size enterprises, yes we do work for some large companies but whether large or small, we love to develop our client's vision, their success is our success.

What inspired you to start your own business?

An insatiable urge to create and be creative is the inspiration to start our own business and a deep love of the product and the heightened sense and experience in sourcing skilled craft people to develop the design, choosing sustainability and ethical practice, over price.

Why should our clients choose you?

Studio Links are brand pioneers with more than 30-years’ experience in design, branding, graphics, manufacturing, advertising and communications as professional brand consultants and creative directors. We design and develop various multi-scale visual communication projects in marketing, fashion, print, fabric, web and multimedia.
We have enthusiastic personalities combined with advanced creative thinking and communication skills. We are creative individuals with strong backgrounds in solving problems, leadership and motivation. Always exploring new directions and creative challenges.

Can you provide your services online or remotely? If so, please add details.

Yes, for sure I can work remotely and still give you the unique one-on-one service needed to understand your business and its needs.

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