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How much does Web Design cost? 2022

Average Price
£400 - £1,000

What can I expect to pay for Web Design?

Need your website revamped or built from scratch, but not sure of the cost? Find out how much your web design expert will charge depending on your location, website size, design complexity and more.

Should I hire a Web Designer?

Put simply, a web designer’s job is to create an original, inspiring, and professional website with clear, user-friendly navigation. While tools such as Wix and WordPress have made the world of web design accessible to all, creating an effective website to propel your business forward is harder than it looks. A web designer needs to be skilled in content creation, search engine optimisation, colour schemes, and everything in between. 

Hiring a web designer will remove the hassle from the process, ensuring a top-quality website is built to a high standard. 

What’s the average cost of Web Design? 

Websites vary hugely in complexity and size, so putting an exact price on web design is near enough impossible! To give you a general idea, here’s a rough estimate of how much you’ll pay for a web design service based on the prices of local UK professionals: 

Remember, web designers may charge anything up to £5,000 and more for larger, complex projects, so it pays to discuss your budget with your designer from the outset to avoid any nasty surprises later down the line.

What changes the cost of web design? 

  • Size of the website - the number of web pages,

  • Style of Design - simple to high end

  • Responsive design / Mobile First Design

  • Ecommerce functionality

  • CMS - Content Management System or Website Builder

  • SEO - Search Engine Optimisation

  • Conversion Rate Optimisation

  • Advanced web development - that may require a web developer


Like most services, the location has a part to play when it comes to the cost of hiring a web designer. If you live in the big city, then you can expect to pay more for a web designer in London than other parts of the UK to reflect the higher cost of living.

If you live in London but you’re on a website development budget, don’t panic! Web design is a service that can be carried out remotely, so it’s entirely possible to hire someone from another part of the country or even the world to you. If you do decide to opt for a web design service from further afield, bear in mind that time differences may make communication and meeting times difficult, and may impact the progress of your project.  

A websites size can increase web design costs

When it comes to web design costs, size matters. The bigger the website, the more time (and money!) will be required to create the design capabilities required for a more complex website. Here’s a rough idea of web design total costs based on the size of the website: 

Size of websiteType of websiteAverage cost (in total)
Small Basic £200 - £500
MediumSmall business £500 - £1,100
Large eCommerce site £1,000 - £2,500

When choosing the size of your website, it really depends on its purpose. A smaller, simple website will work perfectly for a basic platform to host blog content, whereas you’ll need a bigger, more sophisticated website if you’re launching an e-commerce store, for example.

Web Design: Simplicity Vs. Complexity

The more you want to customise your website, the more your design company or service will charge you. High levels of user interaction, ie, how someone interacts with the final product, will increase the complexity of the website, meaning more time (and money!) will be spent to complete it. 

How to save money on Web Design 

If web design costs are getting you in a wobble, here are our top tips for keeping costs down: 

  • Keep web pages to a minimum - Lots of pages means more time, and money, to complete your website project. If you’re on a budget, be ruthless and get rid of any pages that aren’t absolutely essential. 

  • Take your own snaps - When picking images for your website, steer clear of expensive stock photography. Why not get creative and take your own snaps? This minimises costs as well as giving your website a personal touch. 

  • Keep it simple - When it comes to website design, simple wins every time. Don’t go over the top with an overload of content, images or videos. This will reduce costs, and a minimalist interface is the new craze - so it’s a win-win! 

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