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How to get more followers on TikTok

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Mika, Staff Writer

Thursday, 17 June 2021

Starting out a TikTok profile and wondering what you should do in order to give yourself the best chance of success? You’re in luck! In today’s article, we’ll share our top tips on how to increase your TikTok following to be the next social media superstar!

Step 1) Create phenomenal content

First and foremost, in order to succeed on social media, you need to make the best content possible. Think about it. There are millions of TikTok creators right now, and even more, after the platform quite literally sky-rocketed in popularity over the last 2 or so years. Therefore, your content needs to be fresh, original, and on-trend. It’s better to produce fewer pieces of quality content than plenty of average content. 

Besides making awesome, high-quality content, here are a few other great ideas that you shouldn’t ignore.

Stay up to date on trends

People love to be aware of the next best thing, and they will flock to you if you can be their go-to person for it. So, in your niche, keep an ear to the ground for the latest trends and incorporate these in your content creation efforts. 

Maximize storytelling

No matter how much you tell them to, people won’t hit the ‘share’ button unless your content is emotive or something they can relate with on a personal level. This is where storytelling comes in. Storytelling allows you to create a connection with your audience (Tiktok followers), and when your videos are able to make this connection, they will make it their duty to spread the word about how awesome your profile is. This way, you get more people visiting and following your account.

Be a part of viral challenges

Some challenges come out of nowhere and blow off the charts in terms of the number of people who participate in them. Being a part of these challenges is one way to get the attention of people to your profile. When you combine this with the amazing content you have, you’ve got yourself some new followers.

Step 2) Post consistently

TikTok’s algorithm is like nothing we have ever seen before. You will see people with 10 followers having millions of views on some of their videos. So you may be thinking; how can I do that myself? Well, it doesn’t happen from the first time you post. In fact, it may not happen for the next 100 videos that you post, but, for whatever reason, your 101st video might pop off and break the charts.So, what can we learn from this? If there was one takeaway, it would be that consistency and regular uploading is the absolute key to increasing your chances of success on TikTok.

Step 3) Go LIVE 

Tiktok prioritises live content, and you can incorporate these into your growth strategy once you have managed to accumulate a decent amount of followers.

Tiktok is a great platform that you definitely should begin to explore, especially if you want to make it your career. In case you need the help of a professional, you can always hire a local social media manager that can set you up for success.

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