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5 Reasons why you need to get Block Paving

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Mika, Staff Writer

Monday, 25 January 2021

Is your driveway in need of some TLC? From gravel to concrete, tiles to grass - there are a lot of surface options for you to consider. One of the most popular driveway surfaces is block paving. Consisting of lots of individual brick-shaped tiles, it can create a particularly impressive look to the front of your home. 

If you are keen to learn more, here are 5 reasons why you need to get block paving. 

It will boost your property’s curb appeal

Whether you’re looking to sell your home or create a buzz on the rental market, it’s worth remembering that first impressions count. Block paving will create a smart and uniformed look to the exterior of your home. You can even select the block colour to best match your property so that it appears as one long entrance. It’s also going to attract those who are looking for a front garden that is low maintenance, seen as block paving pretty much takes care of itself. 

Block paving is durable

Whether you opt for block or brick paving, both will offer years of use. In fact, brick paving can last for decades meaning you might not need to replace it again in your lifetime. Compare this with a standard concrete drive that can easily crack. Or worse still, if you realise you need to dig concrete up for any reason (such as to access the drains) it’s near enough impossible to patch over without a trace. Hello lumpy drive! Block paving, on the other hand, can be removed and placed back down again with ease. It also won’t disappear over time as a gravel drive would either. 

It’s versatile

From the colour to the shape, there’s plenty of ways you can customise your block paving. For example, you could keep things nice and easy by installing block paving across your entire driveway. Or, you could consult a landscape gardener and carve out a path. You could even create a circle around existing plants that you want to keep. Raised beds are another popular trend at the minute and these can also be installed alongside block paving. In fact, by doing so you can help frame your external space better. 

Easy to maintain

Some driveways can be a real pain to maintain, whereas block paving is pretty much good to go. Every once in a while it will need cleaning, especially if you live on a busy road that kicks up a lot of dirt and pollution. Even then, it doesn’t take long to clean a driveway especially if you use a jet wash, or better still, hire someone to do it for you. You can even have weed and mould killer sprayed over the top, reducing the work required further! 

Great for those with mobility issues

Something that doesn’t get nearly enough consideration is the fact that uneven surfaces can be difficult for those on wheels. Whether you use a wheelchair, have a guide dog or even try and push a pushchair - it can be really challenging to do so on an uneven surface. However, block paving is completely smooth, so is much more suited for those with mobility issues. This is especially the case given broken concrete can be a tripping hazard, regardless of whether you are visually impaired or not.

To sum up 

Block paving can greatly enhance the look of your property’s exterior. Better still, it will last for many years and is easy to maintain. It can be tailored to your exact requirements by covering your entire drive or just a portion of it. Even the style and shape of the blocks can be customised to your needs, making it a very versatile driveway surface overall. 

If you’re interested in brick or block paving, then you can find local paving contractors near you with Bark. From measuring to installing and even maintenance services to refresh your block paving, we’ll connect you with the best professionals for the job.

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