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5 signs you need a new driveway

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Mika, Staff Writer

Wednesday, 21 April 2021

The purpose of a driveway is to create a durable surface to drive, park and walk on. But so often, this isn’t the case especially if it’s been some time since your driveway was installed. 

Installing a new driveway has the potential to revitalise the entire look of your home. While some basic driveway maintenance can sometimes bring a driveway back to life, you equally have to know when it’s time to start fresh with a new driveway instead. 

Here are the top 5 signs you need a new driveway to tell you more. 

Your curb appeal is in short supply

A driveway makes up a significant portion of your exterior grounds. Therefore, your driveway can make or break the first impression visitors get when they pull up outside. 

If you’re looking to improve the value of your property, especially if you are planning on selling it anytime soon, addressing your unappealing driveway should be top of your agenda. 

Also, older driveways can often look incredibly dated which means your property isn’t reaching its aesthetic potential. 

Current material isn’t fit for purpose

There are around 10 different mainstream driveway material options. Each material will suit certain purposes more than others. 

On a basic level, you need to consider how you use your driveway. If you walk, cycle or use a pushchair or wheelchair on the driveway, then the driveway must be smooth and free from hazards. 

Likewise, when it comes to driving on your driveway, you don’t want the surface to be easily damaged or discoloured by the wheels going over the top of it. 

The weather is also going to play a part, as the driveway should not melt or fade when the sun hits it, and it should also be non-slip if you live in a colder climate. 

You want to change the size or shape

If your driveway was installed some time ago, it likely doesn’t factor in your current usage needs. For example, you might not have enough space to park an additional car in your drive. Or, you may want to incorporate some landscaping, which will also require changing the size or shape of your driveway. 

By removing your existing driveway and redesigning the area from scratch, you can include anything you require. You could even add some luxury touches such as a driveway turning circle. 

Poor drainage quality

Standing water on a driveway is never a good look, and can even cause flooding. Some properties are built on floodplains, but even still, there is likely a drainage issue that needs fixing. This will probably require removing your driveway to complete any works. Or, the problem could be down to the driveway material itself. Either way, the issue needs remedying as these types of things only get worse over time.  

Cracked surface

A pothole or a crack in a pavement might not seem like a big deal. However, potholes can be extremely damaging to vehicles and cracks can be a tripping hazard. If someone were to injure themselves on your property then you would be liable, plus it would be really unfortunate when the situation is in fact fixable. 

By switching to a different driveway material you will never have to deal with a cracked surface or potholes ever again. 

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The drive or walk up a driveway should seamlessly connect the outside world with the inside of your property. But if your driveway needs some attention, wasn’t installed correctly or is simply made from the wrong materials for your usage needs, then it’s likely anything but. 

Potholes, tripping hazard, cracked surfaces, weeds and standing water are just some of the issues you might be facing with your current driveway. Or your driveway design could be a dated style that doesn’t fit your taste. 

Now is the time to get your driveway fixed to get rid of such problems for good. Get the right expertise on your side today when you find a Driveway Installer on Bark

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