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Here’s why summer is the best time to extend your home

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Alex, Staff Writer

Thursday, 17 June 2021

There’s never a perfect time to extend your home - after all house extensions can be somewhat disruptive to our everyday lives and there’s always something going on that could lead us to put off the project for another month (or three)...

But now that summer’s here, the days are getting longer and the weather’s getting warmer, now might be the perfect time to get cracking on your home extension. Want to know more? Read on for 5 reasons why summer is the best time to begin your home extension. 

Create new space in your home

With working from home becoming the future of working for so many of us, there’s no wonder that many people are now looking to create extra living space in their property.

Extending your property is a great way to create new space in your home. Whether it’s a home office or something else you want, it’ll be a fantastic addition to your property that you’ll be desperate to show off for years to come.

Add value to your property

If you’re looking to add value to your property, extending your home could be the way to go. In fact, recent research by Nationwide showed that adding an extra bedroom to your property could boost its value by 12%, whilst adding a bathroom could increase your home’s value by 6%.

With the property market currently moving at record speeds, you could put your property ahead of the competition by extending your home.

Create workspace

The Covid-19 pandemic forced many of us to work from home for the first time. It was at this time that many of us realised that we didn’t have the space we needed to work effectively from home.

Many businesses are considering more flexible work practices, allowing employees to work from home more often. However, this means that many workers are now desperately considering what their permanent home workspace might look like.

Extending your home is a great way to create a new workspace in your home. Whether you imagine yourself in a cosy loft conversion or a spacious room flooded with natural light, a home extension would make a fantastic addition to your home.  

Make new memories

After the chaos of 2020, we’re all looking to make new memories in our homes. Rather than being a place of confinement, planning out your home extension can give you new memories to look forward to.

2023 can be the year that you get the house of your dreams, with the extra space that you’ve always wanted. Whether it’s a bedroom, an office or a playroom, you can design your space to work for your family, allowing you to make new memories that will last a lifetime.

Back to normality

In 2020, many homeowners were forced to put their extension plans on hold due to the pandemic. It might be that you held off on your plans due to job uncertainty, or to minimise unnecessary contact outside of your family.

Now that we have the prospect of returning to normality in the near future, you can begin to plan your home extension with the knowledge that the worst is now over.

Hire a Property Extension specialist

If you’re ready to begin planning your home extension, a property extension specialist can give you the advice that you need. You can hire a property extension specialist today on Bark. 

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