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3 benefits of a Loft Conversion

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Alex, Staff Writer

Friday, 5 February 2021

Some simply see their loft as an empty space which is part of their roof. In actual fact, your loft has the potential to completely transform your entire home when you undergo a loft conversion. The process involves clearing out the internal roof space and turning it into usable rooms by adding insulation, plastering, electrics and plumbing. 

If you have been thinking about making some home improvements, here are 3 benefits of a loft conversion to inspire your next building project. 

More space

First and foremost by converting your empty loft and bringing it into a usable purpose you will gain more room to live in. Whether you need the extra space for a growing family, or if you are planning to make some extra income through renting the upper floor out to a lodger, a loft conversion will give you plenty of options.

A loft conversion is also ideal if you feel you’ve outgrown your current property. It’s also a lot more convenient than moving to a larger property instead. After all, moving isn’t always the preferred option especially if you like your community or if your kids are enrolled in local schools. By converting your loft, you get the best of both worlds for far less hassle, time and money involved. 

Cheaper than an extension

Homeowners dream of extending their property but at a cost of tens of thousands, it’s just not realistic for most people. Loft conversions are a cost-effective way to add space to your property, making them far more accessible for those on a tight budget, or those with a smaller property. 

Most people choose to add an extra bedroom in their converted loft space. It’s also possible to add a bathroom, with a bath or even storage cabinets fitting snugly into lower ceiling heights, meaning none of the space will go to waste. Compared with building a downstairs bathroom or extending your box room to create a double bedroom, it’s a far cheaper option.

Added value to your property

Any improvement work that you undertake to your home, especially if done to a high standard will increase the value of your property. However, a loft conversion can add as much as 20% onto the value of your home. This is especially the case if you add an extra bedroom, as this is one of the best ways to add value to your home overall. 

If you’re a landlord looking to boost your ROI, a loft conversion will allow you to do this with ease. Plus if the property is particularly large, it may even be possible to build a self-contained flat or studio within the loft space. This would boost your rental income, and make you a tidy profit if you ever decide to sell the property on.

To sum up

If you need more space in your home and you’d like to increase the value of it at the same time, then it’s time to consider a loft conversion. Compared with other major building works, loft conversions are less intrusive and for the most part cheaper to complete too.

Find local tradespeople to complete your loft conversion with Bark and make your dream a reality. From bedrooms to bathrooms, additional storage or even a home gym, you can make it happen with a loft conversion.

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