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5 room ideas for a Garage Conversion

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Zara, Staff Writer

Friday, 29 January 2021

Is your garage currently full of boxes rather than your car? If so then you’re far from alone, as most people don’t use their garage as intended. If the space is going to waste then it could be far better used especially if you undergo a garage conversion. 

As well as being cheaper than an extension, there are endless benefits that come with garage conversions. One such perk is that there are no set usage requirements for your new space. Here are 5 room ideas for a garage conversion to inspire you. 

Dining Room

Let’s face it, dining tables aren’t the smallest of items to fit into a room. It can often be the case that you end up eating in front of the TV instead. If you value that quality time as a family sitting at the dinner table, or even if you want somewhere nice to serve your Christmas dinner, then converting your garage into a dining room will allow you to do so. It would also give you the option to reconfigure your current kitchen space so that you have more room to cook and entertain in. 

Living Room

Some homes, particularly new builds can have a very awkward shaped living room. Or your property may also have a smaller sitting room too, regardless of when it was built. This can become very impractical especially if you have guests round. By extending your living room through a garage conversion, it would give you much more room. You could even install a projector on the wall to watch those classic movies together as a family in your new and improving living room.


Adding a bedroom onto your home is one of the best ways to increase the value of your property. However, from a practical standpoint, a downstairs bedroom can be extremely useful. For example, if you have any elderly or disabled people in the home who would struggle with climbing the stairs. If your property is a bungalow and you don’t use the garage, then the additional space would be even more useful especially as you don’t have a second floor. 


Working from home has become increasingly popular in recent years. However, finding somewhere to hold Zoom meetings and complete your work in peace can be a challenge. A home office can come in handy especially if you are currently working at the dining table! By creating a dedicated space you’ll be able to concentrate more. Plus when you’ve finished your work, you will be able to close the door and return to the main part of your home, rather than living and working in the same space. 


Free weights and treadmills are fantastic for your body, but not so much for small houses. Garage conversions don’t always have to be simple, you can literally turn them into any usage type of your choosing including a gym. With a home gym, you can create your own fitness studio without having to leave the house. You can even put padding down on the floor to reduce the noise which will also double as an exercise mat. Another fun idea is to paint the space with bright, energetic colours to motivate your workout. Plus, you’ll never have to pay for a gym membership ever again! 

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A garage conversion will allow you to enjoy your property to its full potential. If you are ready to create your dream space by converting your garage, you can find local garage conversion specialists with Bark. From extra bedrooms to even a home gym, there are many ways you can use the additional space you will gain as a result.

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