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Starting from scratch

The work of a painter and decorator can vary greatly. Their experience can include single-room restorations or redecorating an entire property. Professional painting isn’t just limited to walls either. Your decorator can work with windows, skirting boards, fences, and garden furniture. Each one of these jobs has specific requirements, such as recommended paints for certain surfaces. Specialist equipment could also be necessary. Painting a fence, for instance, will often involve using spray canisters.

A lot of work takes place before the first can of paint is opened. A professional will first make measurements to ensure they get the correct volume of materials. They may then have to carry out small fixes, such as filling in cracks or removing mould. From there, they’ll strip away the existing paint or wallpaper. If they’re working on a wooden surface, it may also have to be sanded, primed and varnished.

Getting the job done

A home renovation often involves balancing multiple elements. The goal of a painter and decorator is to get the job done on time, within budget, and to a high standard. They should also be flexible, so they can carry out works in your property with minimal disruption.

Becoming a painter and decorator doesn’t require any formal qualifications. Most people start as an apprentice. A trusted professional should belong to a trade body such as the Painting and Decorating Association. If the work is on a building site, they should be a member of the Construction Skills Certificate Scheme.

Many decorators offer additional services, such as plastering, flooring, wiring, and plumbing. You’re free to choose a professional that offers all or some of these services. This ensures a consistent standard of craftsmanship. It can also save you money on hiring multiple professionals.

Making the right choices

Picking the right paint involves more than the right colour. For instance, there are specific paints for materials, such as brick or stucco. Ask if there is a lifelong warranty on materials, or whether they could degrade over time. If you want more options to choose from, a professional will likely have connections with wholesalers. This means they could source a custom shade of paint or textile.

You might have a very clear idea about how the final result will look. But have you explored all your options? Ask your decorator what they’re capable of. Are they able to create patterns, stencils or even murals? When you’re in the hands of a trusted professional, you’re free to use your imagination.
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EJ Campling Painting & Decorating

EJ Campling is a group of professional painting and decorating contractors in London. We’re experts in creating quality modern interiors for homes and businesses.

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How do you prepare for a painting or decorating job?

It’s very true what they say about proper planning. We’re very meticulous when starting a new project. We make sure we have the exact measurements, and that we know how many materials we’re going to be working with. Customers can be eager to start right away, but they always end up grateful when they see the final results.

Do you have a particular area of expertise?

We’re unique in that we can do a lot with spray paints. They allow us to create something original with a lot of intricate detail. Whether it’s a feature wall in your bedroom, or a piece of furniture that needs an upgrade. We created a mural for a community centre in Hackney, and we ended up being featured in the press. This led to us getting lots of commissions for similar work. But we also work on a lot of standard painting and decorating jobs for homes across London.

What should customers expect when working with you?

More often than not we can tell from the beginning what will work. Of course, we’re there to make the customer happy. But there have been times when we've suggested something drastically different and our customers love it! We’re never afraid to suggest alternatives, and that really sets us apart.

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Painting & Decoration - Interior FAQs

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How much does it cost to hire interior painters? Though the figure can vary slightly depending on where you are based, there are some simple day rate figures you can use to calculate roughly how much you should be looking to spend.

The difference between an interior specialist and an exterior specialist comes down to skill sets, materials and the tools involved. Exterior painters may specialize in things like the outside of large buildings, bridges and other structures.

On the other hand, interior decorators focus on the interior aspect of living, commercial or hospitality spaces. While some companies will offer both commercial interior and exterior painting, it is a good idea to search for a specific indoor specialist to suit your project’s brief.

There are a number of interior decorating styles to choose from and after a little bit of research, you can be sure to find one to suit your space’s needs. Before hiring your decorator, it helps to have some ideas of the look you wish to create.

  • Transitional - Transitional designs are elegant and give a balance between elegant existing features like fireplaces but also more modern accessories with clean lines. Simple colour schemes are often used.

  • Art Deco - Most people have heard of this style of design. It originated in France in the early 1900s and features graduated motifs as well as Egyptian and African designs and more exotic accenting styles.

  • Classical - Classical is another design style that will often have a minimal colour scheme, as well as a lot of sophisticated features like columns and architectural features. This interior style has its roots in Greek and Roman cultures and ancient civilizations.

  • Contemporary - Of course, what is contemporary and popular at the time can change, but contemporary interior design involves clean lines and modern style. Both finishes and colour schemes are often simplistic.

Depending on where you are based, it can be tricky to check the credentials of your painter or decorator. An interior decorator certification can be a good indicator. For example, if someone advertises that they are a Certified Interior Decorator (CID) then this shows they have a qualification.

Any tradesperson you are involving in your house’s interior decoration should be able to provide you with proof of insurance. It’s a good idea to check reviews from previous customers and examples of past work. Not only will this help you get fresh inspiration for your interior project, but it will also help you make an informed decision on what decorator to hire.

Before you work with a painter and decorator, consider the following:

  • Quotes - Are they happy to provide you with a quote with no obligation?

  • Testimonials - They should be able to provide you with proof of other happy customers. A website or social media profile is a good place to look for images of past projects, too.

  • Memberships and accreditations - Check if they have the CID qualification or are a member of other painting and decorating bodies specific to the area.

  • Specialist expertise - They may have a specific ability or reputation of working with a specific style of interior design that you are looking for.

When you are looking for interior decorating services you will find both interior design and interior decorating services advertised. What is the difference?

The role of an Interior Designer
An interior designer is skilled in curating the look and feel of a space, including the planning of the design, fittings and furnishings. Though they might also offer decorating services, they are usually employed for their expertise when it comes to making a space look beautiful and stay functional.

The role of an Interior Decorator
So, what does an interior decorator do?
An interior decorator will not be involved in the design aspect. Simply put, a painting and decorating specialist will be carrying out the legwork but not necessarily doing any of the planning and consulting. They don’t provide the interior decorating ideas, instead, they put the ideas into action. This may include preparing walls for paint, removing and hanging wallpaper and painting walls.



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