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Why Window Cleaning isn't as easy as it looks

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Mika, Staff Writer

Monday, 8 March 2021

Over time dirt, pollution and bird droppings can accumulate on the outside of your windows. All of which doesn’t just look bad, but can reduce the amount of natural light that flows through your property. 

Having beautifully clean windows will greatly enhance the look of your property, which is why regular window cleaning is advised.  

But before you reach for that cloth and bucket, you might want to consider hiring a professional to complete the job instead. Here are just some of the top reasons why window cleaning isn’t as easy as it looks to tell you more. 

You need the right tools

When homeowners clean their windows they tend to reach for basic accessories they may also use for other cleaning jobs. However, the professionals use the likes of squeegees, agitating brush heads and extension poles. Essentially, they use tools that make light work of the job ensuring a smooth, even and streak-free finish. Few households own such equipment let alone know how to use it properly. All of which can lead to poor results. 

Technique is everything

It’s difficult to remove every last droplet of water from your windows without a trace. Not to mention dislodge stubborn stains without damaging the glass. Every move should feel effortless so that the water and debris are being removed quickly without having to keep going over the same areas. The right technique for every scenario takes years of practice to nail. 

Tap water is out of the question

Did you know that tap water contains sediment? You’ll soon find out if you use it to clean your windows since when your windows dry and the sun shines on them, unsightly blotches will appear. Instead, professional window cleaners use pure water fed tools. The purified water will clean your windows thoroughly without leaving any sediment behind. 

The wrong products can create a mess

Step away from the washing up liquid. Cleaning window glass requires very specific detergent. Although a foamy consistency might look like it’s doing a good job, it will be almost impossible to remove entirely from the window. You’re also unlikely to get a crystal clear finish. That’s why window cleaners use a specific range of detergent, depending on the window and stain type. 

Window cleaning can be dangerous

Most people are confident enough to clean windows that are located on the ground floor. But it’s a whole different story when you get up high, especially if you live in a high rise building. Or even if your window is located in an awkward position, meaning you’d require a ladder to get up there. 

Window cleaners can be IRATA trained, which means they are qualified to use abseil equipment while they work. Alternatively, window cleaners can also use water-fed pole equipment for windows up to around 10 metres in height. Either way, your or their safety is never compromised. 

To sum up

Window cleaning is one of those jobs that needs doing safely and to the correct standard. Scheduling a window clean is the best way to ensure that will be the case, plus it will remove the stress and hassle of doing it yourself. Professional window cleaning will help maintain the cleanliness of your property to keep it looking its best.

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