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The ultimate guide to carpet cleaning prices in 2024

The average cost of carpet cleaning is

with prices changing depending on the size of your home and your location.

Is it time to get your carpets cleaned? Rid yourself of dust, allergens, and built-up dirt by hiring a carpet cleaning expert (it's cheaper in the long run!)

Professional carpet cleaning is an essential part of maintaining a healthy home, but it's a job that can easily slip our notice for months and even years. After all, it's just another thing to pay for, and it's not like your carpets are too bad, right?

While a quick hoover is good enough as part of your weekly clean, professional carpet cleaning can make a huge difference to your home and its hygiene, especially as they can contain lots of hidden dust and allergens. In the long run, it's also cheaper to professionally clean your carpets than to replace them when they get too dirty and worn. This guide will demystify the costs involved in keeping your carpets crisp and clean in 2024, explain the different levels of carpet cleaning, and provide a deeper insight into what you should expect to pay and why.

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The Nitty-Gritty of Carpet Cleaning Types

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Before we jump into prices, let's look at the different types of carpet cleaning methods. The two most common are steam cleaning (hot water extraction) and dry cleaning, with carpet shampoo as a popular middle option that many people perform themselves. Carpet cleaning isn't usually performed as part of a usual domestic clean, but if you're interested in help with regular hoovering, check out our domestic cleaner price guide.

Steam Cleaning

Steam cleaning is the most popular professional carpet cleaning method, known for its deep-cleaning abilities, and it's the one we'll focus on in this guide. Most professional carpet cleaning companies will perform this as standard, unless requested otherwise. A solution of hot water and detergent is injected into the carpet under high pressure, and then extracted along with the dirt. It's particularly effective for removing stains and eliminating allergens.

Shampoo cleaning

Shampoo carpet cleaning is 'wet' cleaning without as much effort. Your professional will quite literally dampen your carpets, shampoo them, scrub, and vacuum with residue. It's not the best kind of clean, but it is quicker than steam cleaning. Because of its ease, and the fact that you can buy carpet shampoos at most supermarkets, many people will perform this themselves at home.

Dry Cleaning

Dry cleaning doesn't involve water as much steam cleaning. Instead, it uses specialized compounds or solvents applied by machines to clean your carpets. The process is less labour-intensive and can offer quicker drying times, making it an optimal choice for those in a rush - but again, it won't be as thorough as long-lasting as a steam clean.

The Value of Steam Cleaning Your Carpets

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Why should you consider professional carpet cleaning? The benefits are far-reaching. Not only does it increase the lifespan of your carpet by removing dirt particles that can deteriorate the fibres, but it also contributes to a healthier home environment by eradicating allergens and microbes.

Professional cleaning also enhances the aesthetic appeal of your home, ensuring your carpets look as good as new. With the minimal cost compared to that of replacing the entire carpet (which involves the cost of the carpet itself as well as a professional carpet fitter), choosing professional cleaning is both a cost-efficient and relatively eco-friendly decision.

Average Professional Carpet Cleaning Costs

The average cost of having your carpets professionally steam cleaned is around £70-£190 nationwide, with prices varying significantly by location, the size of your home, and other factors such as the condition and type of carpet. This price range is based on a standard two-bedroom home, but will likely change based on the size of the area to be cleaned. Small, medium, and large rooms are often charged differently. Services for individual items like stairs are also often priced separately due to their labor-intensive nature.

Carpet cleaning prices by house size
Two bedroom terrace£70-£200
Three bedroom semi-detached£200-£300
Four bedroom+ semi-detached£300-£500+

To get a rough idea of the cost of cleaning the carpets in your home, count the number of carpeted rooms in your home and budget £40-£60 per room. It's slightly more unusual for professional carpet cleaners to charge by the hour, but if they do, budget £50-£120 per hour. It's important to note that these are estimated figures and the actual cost may vary based on a multitude of factors.

Other Carpet Cleaning Prices

Certain features in your home, or extra add-ons, will come with their own price. Here are some common costs associated with carpet cleaning beyond the basics.

Specific carpet cleaning costs
Cleaning add-onAverage price
Stairs and landing£85
Application of stain protector£15-£20 per room
Insect treatment£12-15 per room

Some companies will also state a minimal charge per visit; this usually hovers around the £80 mark. This sometimes means it's worthwhile getting all your carpets cleaned at once, in case you don't clear the minimum charge in one room.

Carpet Cleaning Costs by Location

Carpet cleaning costs can fluctuate based on your location. Big cities and their metropolitan areas often have higher living costs, resulting in a higher cost for services, including carpet cleaning. For instance, carpet cleaning a two bedroom flat in London will likely cost more than in Durham.

Cost of professional carpet cleaning by location
RegionLow priceAverageHigher end
East Midlands£50£80£170
East England£75£120£200
North East£80£105£180
North West£65£95£125
South East£80£120£185
South West£60£100£200
West Midlands£80£115£195
Yorkshire and the Humber£70£100£165

What Affects the Cost of Professional Carpet Cleaning?

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There are several factors that can push the cost of carpet cleaning up or down. Stubborn stains often require more time and specialised treatments, adding to the overall bill. The same goes for moving furniture; while some companies include this as part of their package, others charge extra.

The type of carpet also plays a significant role. Carpets made from delicate materials like wool may require more care and a gentler approach, inherently increasing the cleaning time and, therefore, the cost. Lastly, the dirtier the carpet, the more time and effort it will take to restore it to a clean state.

Balancing the Scales - DIY vs. Professional Carpet Cleaning

While DIY carpet cleaning solutions exist, they often come short in comparison to what professionals can offer. Professional services not only have access to industrial-grade equipment but also deploy skilled technicians who can address specific carpet issues effectively.

However, for those looking for a cost-effective solution, DIY cleaning should not be discounted. It can be effective for light maintenance, especially if done regularly, to extend the time between professional cleanings.

What about professional carpet cleaning?

Commercial carpet cleaning services are competitively priced at an average of £3-5 per square foot. For example, with an office of 200 square feet, you would expect to pay £600-£1,000. It may be worth regular (e.g. annual) carpet cleaning to ensure your office spaces stay clean and professional, boosting both employee satisfaction and client impressions.

Booking With Confidence - Choosing the Right Service

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When selecting a professional carpet cleaning service, it's essential to consider credentials, reviews, and transparency about their pricing. Look for services that provide detailed estimates, and who are willing to explain why and how they charge what they do. To get started, request free quotes from local carpet cleaning professionals so you can find the right person for you.

The Next Step

In summary, the average cost of carpet cleaning in 2024 in the UK for steam cleaning remains in the £40-£60 per room range, and around £50-£120 per hour. These figures serve as a starting point, with several other factors influencing the final bill. The key is to find a balance between cost and quality, ensuring that your investment in carpet cleaning yields a high return in terms of cleanliness and longevity!

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