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Making the most of a small garden

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Zara, Staff Writer

Wednesday, 21 April 2021

When you’ve got a small garden, you need to know how to make the most of your outdoor space so that you can enjoy quality time in your garden.

There are endless things that you can do to turn your small space into your own private haven. Whether you want to show your garden off or keep it all to yourself, read on to discover our top tips for making the most of your small garden.


Dividing your garden into several distinct areas can help to create the perception of extra space. You can use bamboo screens or trellis to divide your garden into sections, creating hidden areas for added privacy. This will help your garden to feel bigger than it is as you can’t see everything at once.

If you don’t want to use dividers, simply creating patio, lawned and planted areas of your garden can give your outdoor space some definition and help it to appear bigger than it is.

Get some height

Adding height to your garden can help to make your outdoor space feel bigger. You can do this by adding climbing plants to your wall, garages or fence, as well as using trailing hanging baskets. Window boxes are another great way to add plants to your garden without taking up valuable ground space.

By drawing the eye upwards, you’ll make your smaller space feel bigger whilst adding some of that wow factor that we all crave.

Brighten it up

Including bright colours in your garden can make your outdoor space feel lighter and more spacious. Opt for brightly coloured plants and flowers to brighten up dark areas of your garden and create more light.

Many brightly coloured plants and flowers will also attract wildlife such as bees, butterflies and birds to your garden, allowing you to make a positive contribution to the ecosystem.

Choose your furniture wisely

Every garden needs furniture but choose the wrong type and you could end up leaving your garden looking cluttered or take up valuable space.

Rather than bulky seating or large benches, opt for compact furniture such as a bistro set. This will help to improve the aesthetics of your garden whilst providing a seating area that doesn’t take up too much space.

Make use of containers

Planting shrubs and plants into pots means that they can easily be moved around if you want to review your garden design. This will also make your small garden easier to maintain, saving you valuable time and effort.

You could even consider planting fruit or vegetables such as tomatoes, strawberries or peppers in containers or window baskets to really make the most of your small garden.

Hire a Gardener

If you need help designing or maintaining your small garden, hiring a professional gardener is a great idea. They can provide you with the inspiration that you need to create your dream outdoor haven, no matter how limited your space may be. 

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