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What are EPOS systems for restaurants?

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Zara, Staff Writer

Friday, 18 June 2021


Whether you’re dishing up a takeaway or welcoming diners into your restaurant, you’re going to need a method of securely accepting payment. Few people pay by cash anymore, meaning credit and debit cards are going to be the most common payment types your business will see. 

The best way to accept such payments is through an electronic point of sale system, known as EPOS. It includes hardware such as a cash register, card reader and a receipt printer, that will give you everything you need to process all forms of payment.

But beyond processing payments, EPOS can open up a wealth of information that will help better understand your restaurant, as well as make it easier to run. Let’s take a bite out of EPOS for restaurants to find out more. 

Restaurant EPOS features

  • Inventory control

  • KPI reports

  • Marketing tools

  • Menu integration

  • Speedy interface

  • Reservations management

  • Table management

The reality of any restaurant or takeaway is that it’s a fast-paced environment. Therefore, your restaurant EPOS needs to be able to keep up. If you’ve been processing payments manually up to now, you’re going to notice a huge change in terms of the speediness of accepting customer payments and sending the orders to the kitchen with restaurant EPOS.

When dining in, the guest check-in experience is going to be much smoother, as your servers can see which tables are available to find the best seating options. There is also the option to integrate this technology with your online booking system so guests can also check table availability in advance. 

Once your guests are seated, you can itemise orders to each table making the billing process better for everyone. This information will also benefit your accounting, as you can see which menu items are bringing in the most revenue, and get a clearer idea about your profits. 


Restaurant EPOS software

All of the amazing capabilities of restaurant EPOS come down to the software you choose, especially within a restaurant setting. Restaurant EPOS software usually needs to be purchased separately from the hardware. 

It’s worth putting in your research as the software is the brains of the operation. You ideally need something that’s easy to use with simplified functions. At the same time, the backend features should allow you to gain insights about your restaurant as an owner. 

Keep in mind that to get the best experience, you should allow time to train your staff on how you use your restaurant EPOS system. That way, when service is in full flow they’ll be able to handle every order seamlessly. Some EPOS systems also have training modes for this very reason, in addition to 24/7 customer support. 

EPOS for restaurants


Are you interested in finding out more about restaurant EPOS systems? Locating EPOS providers near you is easier than turning on the grill with Bark. 

All you have to do is tell us where your restaurant business is based, and whether you need a full point of sale system or just partial elements, such as the software or hardware only.

From there, your chosen professional will cook up a 5-star solution that meets all your operational needs in no time. Bon Appétit! 

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