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What is an EPOS System?

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Mika, Staff Writer

Thursday, 13 May 2021


What is an EPOS system?

An EPOS system (also known as POS or EPOS) is a modern and secure method of managing customer payments. 

EPOS systems work by using a combination of hardware and software. The system is designed to be used in environments where customers pay in-person, such as in restaurants, bars and retail outlets. 

A clever aspect of an EPOS system is that it goes far beyond processing customer payments. The most advanced systems can track your inventory management, send reports to your accountant on your behalf and even help you track employee performance. 

Ready to cash up with your own EPOS system? Here’s what you need to know.

EPOS hardware

EPOS hardware relates to all the physical items needed to ring sales through. It consists of aspects such as cash registers, card machines, barcode scanners, tablets etc. 

By and large, EPOS hardware doesn’t vary too much depending on the industry. However, the types of hardware and the spec of each piece will vary.

Purchasing EPOS hardware is more expensive than the software, so it pays to consider which items will most benefit your business.

EPOS software

As the brains of the whole operation, your EPOS software is going to determine just how much benefit you are able to receive from your EPOS system.

On a basic level, EPOS software will log purchases. But if you’re willing to invest a little more money, you can uncover an incredible array of features. The most comprehensive EPOS software will streamline everything from your accounting to your marketing. You can even track your employee activity to determine who are your best salespeople and much more. 

The beauty of EPOS software is that you can tailor it to your industry. For example, in a retail setting, you can manage your inventory, track which cashier was responsible for a particular purchase and create customer loyalty schemes. Anything is possible when the tools you are using are geared towards what it is you do. 

FAQ: How much does an EPOS system cost?

Wondering how much you'll pay for an EPOS? Read our handy price guide to find out how much you'll pay on average for an EPOS system in the UK.

Types of EPOS systems

  • Retail

  • Hospitality

  • Bar

  • Small business

The above are some of the most common EPOS systems you can find in terms of hardware and software options.

Retail EPOS

Retail EPOS covers a lot of bases, as it doesn’t matter whether your business sells clothes, cars or caravans - the ease of use along with the ability to accept a wide range of electronic payment options will greatly improve the customer experience. 

Restaurant EPOS

You may wish to hone in on your niche by opting for a restaurant EPOS system. This will allow you to monitor each table in terms of seats available, along with itemised billing. Customers can even tip separately to the main payment option, making it very versatile.


Whether you own a restaurant, cafe, or pub, an EPOS system will help you to run it smoothly. Whether you want to accept all forms of payment easily, collaborate with food delivery apps to win more business, or implement order and pay at table technology, hospitality EPOS will help your business to run more efficiently.

Steps for choosing an EPOS system

Now you know what an EPOS system is you might be wondering how to get started. Follow these three simple steps to get up and running!

Step 1) Choose an EPOS provider - Tip: You can place free a request for a local EPOS provider on Bark. Browse profiles, read reviews and request a quote.
Step 2) Choose your software - Tip: Your EPOS provider will be able to advise you on the best software for you based on the different systems on the market.
Step 3) Choose your payment processing - Tip: Your payment processing provider is separate from your EPOS software provider.
Step 4) Choose your hardware - Tip: This is something your EPOS provider will also be able to advise you on!

Find EPOS providers for my business


Are you looking to get your business set up with EPOS? You can find EPOS system providers near you with Bark.

Let us know where you’re based, and what type of EPOS system you need. You can also tell us whether you have an existing EPOS system, or if you’re starting from scratch.

From there, we’ll connect you with the best EPOS providers to suit your needs. That will leave you free to enjoy all the benefits an EPOS system can provide for your business. 

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