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3 things to look out for when hiring a Graphic Designer

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Alex, Staff Writer

Monday, 25 January 2021

A graphic designer is someone skilled in the visual arts. They can create the likes of posters, business cards, t-shirts, brochures, signage as well as digital art for your social media or website too. Given graphic designers are skilled in areas such as typography, illustration and motion graphics, there are endless ways they can add value to your business. 

However, the key is to find the right graphic designer for your specific project. Given most people aren’t experts in graphic design, how are you supposed to know what makes a great graphic designer? Here are 3 things you should look out for when hiring a graphic designer. 


Most graphic designers have a portfolio of some description, either on their website or in the form of a physical presentation of their work. While you aren’t expected to turn into an art critic here, viewing a graphic designers portfolio will indicate their skill level, creativity and their style. 

All 3 of these elements will vary dramatically depending on the individual designer. It’s not about asking them to replicate a piece they have done for someone else either, but their portfolio will give you a flavour of what they can do and whether it’s a good fit for you or not.


Technically, anyone can call themselves a graphic designer. However, it pays to find someone with plenty of experience. This may include formal education as well as any placements or related jobs. Most graphic designers will have a fair bit of freelance work under their belts too. 

Experience is important not just in terms of the work itself, but also to learn how to interpret a brief, handle deadlines, liaise with printers etc. The more experience they have the more likely they are to charge, but the silver lining is you can expect a better outcome versus someone with zero experience. 


You are the client who needs to communicate what the project is, who the audience is, what you are looking for etc. Your graphic designer needs to be able to interpret this information accordingly so that the potential of the brief can be reached. 

Graphic design in itself is a visual form of communication. However, your designer needs to be able to speak to you in more ways than just the design itself. From a practical point of view, a good rapport is key. After all, when discussing the progress of the work and requesting any revisions, a two-way stream of clear communication makes all the difference. 

To sum up

The above is just a snapshot of what to consider when hiring a graphic designer. Ultimately, you need to look at their style and quality of work. It should wow you, inspire you and most of all, fill you with confidence that your project is in great hands.

The search for a top graphic designer couldn’t be easier with Bark. From logos to menu design, or even some custom artwork, we’ll connect you with the best talent to get the job done. 

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