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Top tips to keep your Office Clean

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Alex, Staff Writer

Friday, 16 April 2021

With so much focus on the work itself, it’s easy to let the cleanliness of your office slip. But with the health and wellbeing of your employees at stake, having a clean office is essential. From the spread of viral infections to rodents at your door, a filthy office can soon spiral out of control. 

However, by taking regular steps, you can ensure this is never the case. Here are some top tips to keep your office clean to tell you more.

Air purifiers

From passive smoking to heavy perfumes, there are a lot of pollutants in your office atmosphere. All of which can contribute to the poor health of your employees. Air purifiers help rid contaminants from the environment they are placed in. Using them will ensure the area smells clean and fresh, which is especially important if customers frequent your office too. 

Avoid al-desko dining

You know this one all too well. A big deadline is approaching and you have to cram in as much work as you can. The walk outside to grab lunch is replaced with you stuffing down a sandwich as you type up a report. In the process, crumbs become deeply embedded into your keyboard, where they will fester and grow mould. Gross right? That’s why it’s important to eat in designated dining areas only and oh, don’t forget to use a plate!


Putting a doormat by your entryways is a simple trick to dislodge dirt on people’s shoes before it has a chance to ruin your carpets or stain your floors. It also psychologically prompts people to wipe their feet, and if you’re passionate about it, you can even put a sign up asking them to do just that.

Encourage good hygeine practices

No matter how many measures you put in place, unless everyone does their bit to keep your office clean it’s essentially pointless. On a basic level, everyone should be washing their hands every time they visit the bathroom. You can also encourage good hygiene by adding hand sanitiser stations around your building and giving employees disinfectant wipes to clean their screens and keyboards. 

Keep pets out

While there have been many studies that show having an office pet can lower stress, the trade-off is the pet dander (and worse) they leave behind. Bacteria is another big issue, especially if they are spreading droplets on surfaces or if they have an accident. For employees that have any allergies, it could cause serious issues too. So if you want to keep your office clean, the pets sadly need to stay at home.


Many offices have re-circulated air thanks to air conditioning systems. A lack of fresh air can make the room feel stuffy, and in older buildings, it could contribute to damp and mould problems. Even in the winter, opening the windows just for a few minutes makes all the difference. A benefit of fresh air is that it will also make your employees feel more alert and productive too. 

Hire a Commercial Cleaner

While all of the above are great first steps to keeping your office clean, the obvious next step is to hire a commercial cleaner too. Ideally, your office should be cleaned daily. This includes things such as vacuuming, dusting and wiping down surfaces. Hiring a professional to do it for you will ensure the cleanliness is kept to a constant high standard.

To sum up

A combination of employee effort and hiring a commercial cleaner is the best way to ensure your workplace is sanitised and healthy for all to work in. The benefits of a clean office are widespread and include increased productivity and fewer employee sick days. Overall, keeping your office spick and span is a responsibility no employer can afford to shirk.

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