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Five reasons to stop putting off cleaning your oven

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Zara, Staff Writer

Monday, 8 March 2021

Cleaning your oven is a task that no one looks forward to. Many people put off oven cleaning for months or even years, leaving the burnt residue to build up and become unmanageable.

And it’s understandable. No one teaches you the best way to clean an oven – it’s a skill you’re just expected to have. We get it.

But here are five reasons why we think you should treat your oven to a clean this week.

Keep your oven hygienic

As food is cooking in your oven, it may spit, spill or leak on parts of your oven. The residue left behind carries germs that will remain inside your oven until they are cleaned away.

If you don’t clean your oven regularly, these germs can breed within your oven, infecting food that you cook at a later date. To keep your oven hygienic, you should clean it at regular intervals.

Reduce your fire risk

The food that is spilt inside your oven will inevitably begin to burn as you use your oven. It will give your kitchen a smoky smell every time you cook and eventually begin to affect the taste of your food.

If you leave burnt food inside your oven, it could eventually catch fire, putting your household in danger. Regularly cleaning your oven will reduce the risk of fires and eliminate those smoky smells and tastes that could otherwise occur.

Improve the performance of your oven

Cleaning your oven regularly can also help to improve its performance. When dirt builds up inside your oven, it can cause the internal mechanisms and filters to become blocked. If the grime is allowed to build-up on these internal components too much, it could cause your oven to fail completely.

To avoid your oven breaking down and the expensive repair bills that follow, you should regularly clean your oven, ensuring that the internal mechanisms are clear of any residual food.

A clean oven makes your kitchen shine

Let’s face the facts. A dirty oven stands out in your kitchen - and not in a good way. No one wants to think of their guests seeing their oven and silently judging it.

Keeping your oven clean will give you pride in your kitchen, as well as giving your guests confidence in the cleanliness of your kitchen. Clean your oven regularly and your guests will just keep coming back.

You don’t have to do it yourself

Hiring an oven cleaning specialist can save you both time and effort. It’s also more cost-effective than you think, as you won’t need to purchase any specialist products.

When you opt for professional oven cleaning, they won’t just clean your oven either. They can also clean your oven racks, your oven glass and even your hob.

With Bark, hiring an oven cleaning specialist is easy. You can browse the profiles of local professionals and read genuine reviews from their former clients. If you like what you see, simply request a quote. It’s as easy as that!

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