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How often should you clean your carpets?

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Alex, Staff Writer

Wednesday, 20 January 2021

Just because your carpets look clean, it doesn’t mean they are! Depending on the age and condition of your carpets, they could be playing host to a lot of hidden dirt and bacteria. Carpet cleaning involves specialist tools and equipment that will rid your carpets of any debris. The result won’t just leave them looking better, but they will smell and feel better too. 

Wondering how often you should clean your carpets? Here’s everything you need to know. 


Not all carpets are used evenly. High traffic areas such as hallways or bedrooms will pick up a lot more dirt than areas which don’t see much footfall. It’s recommended to have the busier areas cleaned at least twice a year. This is in addition to regular vacuuming, which should be undertaken at least once a week. For the best results, use a special filter to remove pet hair and debris from busy areas before scheduling a cleaning.


A busy home will certainly show up within your home furnishings, and your carpets are no exception. Pets and kids can create all kinds of mess on carpets, meaning yours will need to be cleaned regularly. Carpets can harbour germs and bacteria, and so the best way to thoroughly disinfect yours is through steam cleaning which is carried out by a professional carpet cleaner. The hot water will not only remove the dirt but kill any germs as it does so. This needs to be done at least once a year.


From red wine to coffee there is a myriad of stains that could land on your carpet. Even when you make a valiant attempt to mop spillages up, the dirt can continue to linger in the fibres of your carpets. Some stains could be particularly difficult to remove even with household products. While carpet cleaning usually involves steam cleaning the entire area, you can get specific spot cleaning too. This should be done as soon as possible to preserve the lifespan of your carpet and avoid any mould from developing. 


While light carpets can bring some much-needed light into the room, they are notoriously difficult to maintain. If you have white or cream carpets, you will know that even the slightest bit of dirt will show up. It’s advisable to have your carpets cleaned at least once a year, but you may wish to increase this if your carpets are a lighter colour. If your carpets are light and people wear shoes on them, then cleaning will need to take place regularly.

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Nothing beats the feeling of having a clean home and if yours has carpets then it’s time they had a once over! Ideally, carpet cleaning should be undertaken at least once a year, in addition to regular vacuuming. However, you may need to increase the frequency if your home is busy or if you have pets. 

It couldn’t be easier to find a local carpet cleaner near you with Bark. From steam cleaning to shampooing, and even spot cleaning after a spillage, ensure your carpets are looking their best by scheduling your carpet clean today.

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