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The typical professional House Cleaning process

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Mika, Staff Writer

Tuesday, 26 January 2021

Are you looking to hire a local house cleaner but aren’t too sure what to expect? In this guide, we’ll walk you through the typical professional house cleaning process so that you can be prepared.

As a side note, typically, when you hire a local house cleaner, they will bring all the necessary tools, equipment, and products with them, meaning that you won’t need to worry about supplying them with anything. Although it’s always worth checking with them first! 

Let’s take a look at what the typical professional house cleaning process involves.

Assembly of tools

Once you've made the call and booked the services of a professional house cleaner, upon their arrival, they will inspect the job and assemble the equipment and cleaning products required to get your home cleaned to a high standard. 

This can be anything from brooms, dustpans, vacuum cleaners, towels, detergents, and more.

If you are allergic or suffer from any health conditions that could be affected by some of the cleaning products that the cleaner is likely to use, make sure to mention that to them. It is part of their responsibility to not only clean your home but also keep you safe while doing so.

Dusting surfaces

Once all the equipment and products are assembled within your home, the professional house cleaner will begin their cleaning job by thoroughly dusting all surfaces such as tables, desks, cooking surfaces, shelves, sofas, chairs, and every other piece of furniture within your home that could be collecting dust.

Their vast experience will help them reach corners around your home that you didn’t even know existed.

Clean windows, mirrors, and glassware

Once all the dust is removed, the professional house cleaner will begin to clean all of your windows, mirrors, and glassware. This usually includes wiping down the glass from any additional dust that could be leftover, before spraying the relevant products to ensure a shiny finish.

Focus on the kitchen and bathrooms

Depending on the house cleaning service that you have opted in for, next up would be your kitchens and bathrooms. Those two rooms typically take the longest to clean as they require extra care and detail to ensure a professional finish.

Kitchens often come with a lot of stubborn stains, which can take time to be removed, while bathrooms often harbour bacteria that needs to be removed through thorough cleaning and use of a range of products and equipment.

Focus on the floors

After that, the cleaner will begin to vacuum the entire house to ensure that any dust, dirt, or small rubbish that may have fallen on the floor is completely gone. The professional house cleaner will also mop the floor where relevant if you use laminate or vinyl flooring.

Move to the exterior parts of the house

Some cleaners will also work on the exterior of your house as part of their service, although this depends on the particular house cleaner. They’ll begin to clean the porch, garden, garage, or any other areas outside of your home that you may have requested.

To sum up

Cleaning a house is a tedious task, so it pays to invest some money in hiring a local house cleaner! Hopefully, this article has taught you a little bit more about the typical process of a house cleaner. But, remember, the process can greatly depend on the type of cleaning that you have requested, and the house cleaner themselves.

For more information on their exact process, make sure that you ask the house cleaner, and read their reviews for a better understanding of how they work. 

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