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What tools does a Commercial Cleaner use?

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Mika, Staff Writer

Tuesday, 26 January 2021

Cleaning a commercial space to a high standard requires far more tools than the humble duster alone. From desks to floors, bathrooms to carpets, there is a lot of dirt and bacteria your commercial cleaners need to tackle. It can’t be done with elbow grease alone! 

The tools your commercial cleaner uses are highly important to get the job done. While the exact tools may differ from cleaner to cleaner, here as some of the most common pieces of kit they are likely to use.

Cleaning trolley

A cleaning trolley holds all the basics such as rubber gloves, polish, dusters, bin bags etc. For health and safety purposes, it usually holds ‘wet floor’ signs too. The main purpose of using a cleaning trolley is that everything a cleaner needs for a basic once over can be wheeled to wherever they need it. 

Cleaning trolleys are ideal for use in the likes of offices, retail outlets, hotels, schools, transport hubs and entertainment venues. They are excellent for keeping up with cleaning at all times, especially if it’s a public area where litter is constantly being dropped. 

Extraction floor cleaner

Carpets are subject to a lot of dirt and bacteria, which can be incredibly apparent on lighter coloured carpets or your main walkways. Extraction floor cleaners are powered by steam. The benefits of steam are that it not only lifts stains but disinfects as it does so too. 

The machine can take the form of an upright or a cylinder style vacuum. Handy accessories it’s supplied with can reach into the most awkward of crevices, allowing for a thorough clean of your carpets. It also reduces the need for you to hire an external company to clean your carpets, as it can simply be included as part of your regular cleaning contract.

Ride-on scrubber 

A ride-on scrubber is a nifty device that allows a cleaner to manually drive around your commercial space to clean it. As they move your floors will be cleaned. Some ride-on scrubbers can dry your floors too. They carry huge tanks of water in them, making it much more efficient than a traditional mop and bucket would be.

A good point to note with ride-on scrubbers is that they are large pieces of equipment that cannot go up the stairs. They may also require a commercial lift to be able to scale up to your office floor if the building is not located on the ground floor. 

Specialist chemicals

One of the main differences between a commercial and a domestic cleaner is that commercial cleaners are tasked with handling a wide range of specialist chemicals. From floor cleaners to kitchen degreasers, only a trained professional should be dealing with hazardous liquids. 

The benefits of using specialist products are that they are far more powerful than regular household cleaning products. In the case of blocked drains, serious stains or bacteria build-up, commercial cleaners need robust cleaning products for the job. 

To sum up

There’s a lot of magic in the form of tools and products that help make your commercial clean so effective. Of course, the real stars of the show are the commercial cleaners themselves, who work tirelessly to rid your building of rubbish and dirt daily.

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