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What to expect with an End Of Tenancy Clean

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Alex, Staff Writer

Monday, 25 January 2021

If you’re moving out of rented accommodation then you’ll need to hand the property over as you found it, in order to receive your deposit back. This involves deep cleaning, known as an end of tenancy clean which most cleaning companies will offer as a specialist service.

Landlords who are looking to attract tenants may also wish to use an end of tenancy cleaning service, as a clean property will make all the difference during viewings. 

Here is an overview of what end of tenancy cleaning involves to tell you more. 

General cleaning

On a basic level, cleaners will vacuum, mop, dust and wipe down any surfaces. This includes every surface starting from the front door and windows, covering every room of the house. They will also include hallways, the landing, skirting boards, behind furniture etc.

General cleaning will often remove hidden dirt such as cobwebs, dust and stains. It will be done in conjunction with heavier cleaning techniques (such as steam cleaning) to give a more thorough approach.


Walking on carpets with shoes on or having pets in the house can soon affect how clean your carpets look. Filthy carpets can soon bring the look of the whole property down. Even clean looking carpets can actually contain millions of harmful bacteria, which is why they require regular cleaning especially at the end of a tenancy. 

End of tenancy cleaning will usually include a carpet clean, and this involves steam cleaning every inch of your carpets. Steam not only lifts out dirt but is the safest way to kill germs without having to use harmful chemicals. 


A lot of dirt and grease can accumulate on kitchen surfaces which isn’t easy to remove. As kitchens are where we prepare food, it’s essential this space is free from bacteria which could be a health hazard to the new tenants. 

The cleaners will clean the cupboards, worktops, fridge/freeze, oven, dining furniture, windows and floor. Steam cleaning will be incorporated to remove stubborn dirt and grease, ensuring the area is hygienically clean. 


Bathrooms contain many different surface materials, all of which require a tailored approach to clean them without causing damage. Bathrooms are also prone to limescale or even mould which will need removing. 

Cleaners will clean the bathroom suite, tiles, floor, shower screens, taps, the door and all touchpoints. Once finished, the bathroom should show no traces of previous use in terms of the cleanliness. 


Cleaning the bedroom will involve steam cleaning of the carpets, wiping down the walls (if applicable), vacuuming the ceilings and cleaning the windows. If the property comes fully furnished, then all of the bedroom furniture will need to be cleaned. 

Points to note

Cleaning might seem like an easy enough task, but end of tenancy cleaning is extremely detailed. Your landlord may even have a checklist, and missing any spots could mean you don’t receive your deposit back in full. That’s why hiring a specialist team (along with their professional equipment!) is advised. 

Make sure you schedule your end of tenancy clean as soon as possible, as it will need to be completed before the new tenants move in. 

If you aren’t due to move out of your property, you can still hire cleaning services to keep your property looking spick and span. Doing so will make the property more pleasant to live in, and reduce the need for deep cleaning once you do move out.

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