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Shiatsu and Thai massage

Welcome to the wonderful world of Shiatsu and Thai Massage. My name is Lucy Trend and I’m a registered practitioner and teacher of Shiatsu and traditional Thai Massage therapies. I practise in both the City Centre and the West End of Glasgow, Scotland. I offer Shiatsu Treatments, Thai Massage treatments, Therapeutic Massage, Classes, Workshops, and Training Courses from beginner to professional level. I am also a trained doula and pregnancy specialist. Shiatsu is a traditional Japanese meridian therapy massage, which stems from the same ancient oriental principles as acupuncture, but without needles! Studies have shown that shiatsu is a safe therapy that improves health and wellbeing. It can help with the management of a variety of conditions, from specific injuries through to more general symptoms of poor health. Traditional Thai therapies can help to: • Reduce stiffness, improve flexibility and posture • Improve circulation and toxin removal • Assist the immune system and lymphatic drainage • Promote restful sleep & clarity of mind

MindWorks Coaching

Ian Disley an cognitive behavioural coach & trainer provides specialist therapy support and advice within areas that involve negative automatic thoughts or unhelpful thinking patterns, affecting confidence & self-esteem, assertiveness, anxiety, stress and specialist relationship issues to help maintain, make or the breaking of relationships. Ian has had a long career in the training and development industry long before his NHS training and employment as a mental health development worker and employment specialist. Helping people with mental health issues, coping with unemployment, engaging young people in activities, supporting and empowering others to make significant personal and practical changes in their lives and relationships, assisting individuals privately and confidentially to deal with professional and personal problems. Ian’s work is based on methods which are acknowledged to be effective in helping people to change their behaviour that is problematic for themselves or others and in the course of his training and work within community mental health he has received training in the following techniques and methods: • Life Coaching with a Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) approach • Person centred therapeutic techniques, such Carl Rogers' person centred counselling model. • Transactional Analysis • Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) a cognitive behavioral treatment for individuals diagnosed with borderline personality disorder (BPD • Delivering Life Skills community training courses using CBT & DBT reformed resources Ring Ian now for a FREE initial phone consultation 07510 092 075

Minds Matter Hypnotherapy

Hello, I am Carl Samerson (Dip Hyp GQHP, MAHA, MNCH(Reg.) of Minds Matter Hypnotherapy & Hypnotherapy Training Courses in South Yorkshire. I am a member of the Academy of Hypnotic Arts and Co-Director of The Academy Of Hypnosis (UK). I am GHR registered & certified, (and a validated practitioner member of the General Hypnotherapy Standards Council). A member of The National Council for Hypnotherapy, I am also a Hypno-Slimmer Consultant, A Hypno – Chemo Consultant and qualified in EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques), Chinosis Coaching and EMT (Eye Movement Therapy). I also administer Intuitive Reflexology ( Hand / Feet) for stress, headaches,migraines etc… I am a member of the Yorkshire Counselling Network and I am also an acknowledged GHR “One to One ” Supervisor for qualified and trainee hypnotherapists. Since 2009 I have been helping clients from South Yorkshire ( Sheffield, Barnsley, Rotherham, Mexborough and Doncaster), West Yorkshire (Leeds, Huddersfield & Wakefield) the North & East Ridings (York & Scarborough) and neighbouring counties as well e.g. Scunthorpe & North Lincolnshire, Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire. My office in Doncaster is ideally placed for access – whichever part of the country you are coming from – road and rail connections are excellent. I also administer therapy at your home, so long as the relevant conditions can be guaranteed YOUR emotion + OUR intent = YOUR success! Have a look at the pages that follow – if your particular “issue” isn’t specifically mentioned then call / email me…hypnosis knows very few bounds… What is Hypnosis? Healing by trance state has been recognised for centuries in almost every culture known to mankind. The term “hypnosis” is actually coined from the Greek word “hypnos”, meaning “sleep”, but as a person in hypnosis isn’t actually sleeping a better definition might be “…a state of mind enhanced by mental and physical relaxation, in which the subconscious is able to communicate with the conscious mind”. This “…state of mind” can be brought about by oneself (self-hypnosis) or with the help of another person. If the other person is a trained professional who uses the state to encourage beneficial change to occur, the process is referred to as “Hypnotherapy”. What is Hypnotherapy? Hypnotherapy is the treatment of emotional and psychological disorders, unwanted habits and undesirable feelings. The aim of hypnotherapy is to assist people to find meaningful alternatives to their present unsatisfactory ways of thinking, feeling or behaving. Therapy also helps clients to become more accepting of themselves and others too. Consequently it can be useful in promoting personal development and unlocking hitherto hidden inner potential. Who can benefit from Hypnosis? Virtually everyone is the answer! Using hypnotherapy the innate healing capacity of our own minds and bodies can be stimulated without the use of drugs, surgery or any other physically invasive action. Consequently there is a very long list of problems to which hypnotherapy may be amenable-here are some of them: Pain management Alcohol consumption and its management High blood pressure & Hyper tension Enhance sporting performance Anxiety Transsexual & Gender Identity Disorders / Dysphoria Addictions e.g. smoking, over eating, gambling Panic Disrupted sleep patterns Phobias Lack of confidence Unwanted Habits Cancer sufferers Low self Esteem Fear of examinations Allergies & skin disorders IBS Migraines & Headaches Anger management Relationship difficulties Wedding nerves & jitters!

Holistic Health and Wellbeing

A holistic health expert, I am a fully qualified Naturopath, Medical Herbalist, Nutritionist, BodyTalk practitioner and Kinesiologist with over 20 years experience of working in healthcare and education. I am an online lecturer, presenting webinars in Naturopathy and have recently returned home from Sydney, Australia, where I worked in a well renowned natural health clinic and as a lecturer at one on Australia's leading natural therapies colleges, ACNT. HOW CAN TREATMENTS HELP ME? Treatments may be able to assist you with: Digestive Conditions - IBS, bloating, wind, reflux Allergies - Seasonal, animals, chemical and metal sensitivities, household and environmental allergies Food allergies and intolerance Hayfever, Sinus Anxiety/Panic Attacks Depression Stress Headaches/Migraines Skin Conditions - e.g Eczema Chronic Fatigue Syndrome/Fibromyalgia Detoxification PCOS Insomnia Arthritic aches and pains Low vitality Colds and Flus Candida and Leaky Gut Syndrome Mental/emotional blocks and achieving goals General vitality and healthy ageing And more ... Healing is based on naturopathic principles, thus treating the cause of disease and not just suppressing the symptoms. Modern naturopathy is becoming increasingly evidence based, thus combining a scientific approach with traditional healing principles. I find the energy healing therapy of BodyTalk to be particularly effective in practice. Treatments are suitable for all ages, even babies! You do not have to be unwell to benefit. You may just feel a bit low, sluggish, out of sorts or stressed and can still benefit from all they offer. Treatments boost the body's natural healing potential, restoring harmony. Each person is treated as an individual and the whole person is taken into consideration, not just the affected area. A combination of BodyTalk, kinesiology, herbal medicines, homoeopathic medicines, flower remedies, counselling and nutritional and lifestyle advice are used. Remedies and supplements are prescribed only if considered necessary. FUNCTIONAL PATHOLOGY To develop a deeper understanding of what is contributing to your symptoms, functional pathology tests may be used to investigate your biochemical, nutritional, metabolic and hormonal status. The results provide important information that assists with the effective management of your health concerns. Training, qualifications & experience BSc (Hons) Psych. Advanced Diploma Naturopathy Advanced Diploma Herbal Medicine Advanced Diploma Homoeopathy Diploma Nutrition Certified BodyTalk Practitioner Cert IV Kinesiology Professional Association Membership - Association of Naturopathic Practitioners TESTIMONIALS I visited Kirsty for the first time just over two months ago. I had been experiencing a sluggish digestive system and unpleasant reactions to foods for far too long, although I was not sure exactly which foods in particular were the problem. After just three visits, my symptoms have subsided almost completely. But, the added bonus is that I am now embracing the newly adopted 'diet' as, overall, I feel so much more energetic and well, I can feel (and see) I have a healthier digestive system, and as a bi product I am now 10lbs lighter! A true testament to 'you are what you eat'! Thankyou Kirsty. I knew something wasn't right, you found out what and treated me very effectively, and quickly. Jane, Uckfield Thank you again for your excellent and expert treatment. I have been free of urinary tract infections and vaginal thrush for the last 2 months; the longest stretch in over a year. I am over the moon! I could not have achieved this on my own and was just getting nowhere with conventional medicine. I feel so healthy, happy and restored. Life is good again!! Mrs P from East Grinstead I took my 6 month old baby to see Kirsty as he suffered from acid reflux. He has been on ranitidine since he was a few weeks old and really struggled after each feed. I had previously tried Cranial Osteopathy as well as various baby milks including prescribed formulas but none of these made a difference. My baby had quite bad skin so I wanted to rule out any allergies or intolerances. Kirsty offered a really safe treatment where she balanced out my baby body's to the substances in his baby milk that were aggravating his body and after just a couple of treatments his face began to clear and his reflux symptoms improved. Miranda, Henfield I visited Kirsty due to sudden onset tachycardia (fast heart rate). Kirsty immediately put me at rest, taking a thorough case history from me. She recommended effective diet and nutritional supplements based on my case history, to help resolve my condition. Additionally, one of the most useful aspects of the consultation was a unique muscle testing, which confirmed to me that I was reacting to several different substances and foods. Kirsty has an incredible technique for effectively desensitising the body to these substances which, for me, had an immediate and lasting effect, as well as finding out what areas of the body may be struggling as a result. All of this work was included within the initial session, and I would say has helped me enormously. I would recommend Kirsty to anyone suffering unexplained reactions or inflammation in their body. Barry, Horsham I consulted Kirsty Lander on the recommendation of another practitioner for advice on my diet and lifestyle with a view to improving management of the Parkinson's disease I have had for 20 years. She gave me some dietary suggestions and recommended some supplements. Following her advice, I obtained some improvement in my symptoms, and was able to make the drugs I take last longer in each dose. Kirsty was always reliable, discreet, friendly and professional. Pam, Haywards Heath

Yoga, Health and Wellness

I am an experienced Sivananda and Yin Yoga Teacher offering classes and private Yoga tuition. I also offer Natural Therapy treatments such as Reiki, Thai Yoga Massage (women only), Reiki Massage and Naturopathic Nutritional Therapy. I work from Leigh on Sea, Essex and Canterbury in Kent, teaching Yoga classes, offering treatments and running Yoga Retreat days and Reiki Attunement workshops. Please contact me to book your appointment or to discuss your individual needs.

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