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How much does Bereavement Counselling cost?

Average Price
£60 per session

What can I expect to pay for a Bereavement Counsellor?

Seeking support from a bereavement counsellor but not sure how much it will cost? Read our handy guide to find out how much your Bereavement Counsellor will charge for one-to-one sessions or group therapy.

What Is A Bereavement Counsellor?

A bereavement counsellor is specifically trained at helping people through the different stages of grief. First and foremost, they provide a safe and calm environment for the person to share their thoughts free from judgement. They will work with them in a caring manner to help them navigate the road ahead, to make sense of some of the things they may be experiencing. 

The death of a loved one can cause a tremendous amount of pain for those left behind. Sometimes even the support of friends and family isn’t enough to meet the emotional needs of a person who is grieving. This is where a bereavement counsellor can be extremely beneficial. 

How much does Bereavement Counselling cost?

All counselling, especially grief counselling deals with some quite raw and painful emotions. Therefore, it’s good to be aware that it will likely take several sessions to work through things. This will ensure you are fully supported every step of the way. 

The price of a counsellor is impacted by several factors. The individual may specialise in many different areas of counselling, or specifically operate as a grief counsellor. 

Although there is no fixed rate for bereavement counselling, here is what you should expect to pay per session on average.

Average cost of Bereavement Counselling
Average cost (per session) £60
Minimum cost (per session)£40
Maximum cost (per session) £100

What affects the cost of Grief Counselling?

The cost of a therapist can vary depending on different factors. This includes: 

  • Group therapy vs. individual therapy

  • Experience

  • Location

Group Counselling vs. Individual Counselling 

Grief is a very personal thing. However, the way you choose to access support can remain as an individual or with others who have been through similar loss to yourself via group therapy.  The approach depends entirely on what you’d feel most comfortable with.

Whether you choose individual or group therapy will ultimately affect the price, as group therapy is usually significantly less expensive. Though, with individual counselling, you will be able to specify a time that suits you. Group sessions will be held at set times which may not be as convenient depending on your schedule.

Average cost of Group Counselling vs Individual Counselling
Group bereavement counselling average cost (per session)Individual bereavement counselling average cost (per session)
£20 - £30£50 - £60


The cost of grief counselling can vary depending on the level of training your counsellor has had. You should make sure that your counsellor has the minimum qualifications to practice. 

Counsellors don’t need a degree, but they should have a diploma in counselling. The amount of experience they have had including training and within their career will impact the cost. For example, a counsellor who is newly qualified will not charge as much as someone who has had decades of experience. 

It’s worth noting that most counsellors will have some flexibility on their price for those on a lower income, especially due to the sensitive nature of what they do. 

While counsellors are free to set their own rates, here is what you should expect to pay per session depending on the individual’s experience level: 

Average cost of a Grief Counsellor based on their experience
Expertise of CounsellorAverage cost (per session)
Newly qualified£30 - £40
Intermediate£50 - £70
Expert£80 - £120

How to save money on Bereavement Counselling

Everyone should be able to access bereavement counselling if they are struggling, regardless of their financial circumstances. Here are a few tips and tricks to keep costs down: 

  • Ask about price packages - If you are booking multiple sessions with a counsellor you can normally get a small discount per session. This is also true for group sessions which like individual sessions can be bought as part of a package. 

  • Check for flexible rates - Some counsellors will state that they offer flexible pricing based on income. If you are worried about the cost of sessions, mention this to your counsellor before booking as they may be able to reduce your costs or refer you to a more affordable option. 

  • Go online - Just like general counselling, grief counselling can also be given online which may work out cheaper. Plus with online counselling, you can pick the right person for your needs and budget without having to worry about the location.

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