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How much does Relationship and Marriage Counselling cost?

Average Price
£30 - £200 per hour

How much will I pay for Relationship and Marriage Counselling?

Need some help working through any stumbling blocks in your marriage or relationship? Read our handy guide to find out how much a counsellor will charge depending on your requirements.

What is a Relationship and Marriage Counsellor?

Various counsellor types specialise in areas such as bereavement, eating disorders, and trauma. A marriage or relationship counsellor works specifically with couples to help them resolve issues that are causing unhappiness within the relationship. Some counsellors may also generalise across various specialisms. This may be an advantage if they specialise in an area that is related to any of the issues you are facing. 

How much does a Relationship and Marriage Counsellor cost? 

The price varies significantly owing to the experience of the counsellor and their location. Though £50 an hour is usually the national average. Many counsellors offer a free consultation or offer sessions in blocks which may reduce the cost overall. 

Average cost (per hour) £50
Minimum cost (per hour) £30
Maximum cost (per hour) £200


Accepting that you need help in the form of a counsellor is a brave and constructive step. However, as marriage or relationship counselling involves another party, they must be on board before you sign up. 

Many counsellors will offer a free or reduced-price first session, which is a great opportunity to see if you are a great fit for each other, or not. Keep in mind that as counsellors vary in experience and approach, you may have to consider a few different practitioners before you find the right help for you. Even when you do find the right person, it’s also wise to prepare yourself for what lies ahead. 

Although a harmonious relationship is the overall goal, counselling can still feel confronting,  especially as you look to work through particular issues. It is going to take commitment and understanding from both sides to truly get a good resolve. Here are some key considerations and how they can affect the price:  

  • Your goals 

  • Experience of Counsellor 

  • Time 

  • Location

  • Follow up sessions 

Your goals

A counsellor is going to want to know what it is you want to achieve out of the sessions. For example, improved communication, better trust, or being able to co-parent effectively. Depending on your goals, this may impact the cost of counselling. However, if you are upfront from the start then your counsellor can tailor a plan which will be most effective for the time that you do have with them.

Experience of Counsellor

Counsellors range from those who are newly graduated, to those who have over 40 years of experience. The more experienced your counsellor is, the more they will charge. Though be aware that newly graduated counsellors will not have years of experience which you may benefit from if the problem is extremely deep-rooted.

Experience of counsellorHighest average price (per hour)Lowest average price
Graduate£40 £30
Median (5-10 years experience)£55£45
Senior (10+ years experience)£200£60

Relationship or marriage counselling performed by a graduate therapist is the most affordable overall, starting at just £30. While graduate counsellors are fully qualified, they may lack experience in particularly complex issues. However, if they do not have the skills to help you they will normally advise you of this during your consultation.

The average counsellor will charge between £45 and £55 per hour. Most counsellors recommend 6 sessions, which would bring the average cost of relationship counselling to £270 and £330 overall. 

The most experienced counsellors can charge anywhere up to £200, though usually this high figure is reserved for locations such as Harley Street. Likewise, if the therapist is particularly well known or deals with high profile clients, they are more likely to command a higher fee. 


Counsellors normally charge by the hour, and the more sessions you require, the more expensive this will be. Usually, a counsellor will recommend how many sessions you are likely to need based on what is discussed in the first session. The average number of sessions a couple will have is between 6-8 sessions. If it’s possible to split the cost between you both, then this will make counselling more affordable for both parties.


The location of your counsellor will also impact the cost. It’s perhaps not a surprise that counsellors based near major cities (especially London) will charge more. Some counsellors on Harley Street in London charge as much as £200 per hour for relationship counselling. 

Follow up sessions

After you’ve completed your relationship counselling, it’s good to keep in mind you may require follow up sessions periodically. This could be to check in on your progress, or if old issues have cropped up again. A follow-up session doesn’t mean you have failed either, it’s just a helping hand should you need it. Follow up sessions will usually be charged at your therapist’s hourly rate. 

Is it worth getting Relationship Counselling?

Relationships can become strained or break down completely for all sorts of reasons. When you are trying to work out your issues between you, it can be difficult to find some middle ground. However, a relationship counsellor will act as a neutral party. They will help you to develop a way through your issues. Many people find that relationship counselling can strengthen their relationship long term. Compared with splitting up, seeking the advice of a relationship counsellor can be of huge benefit, both on a personal level as well as how you function as a couple. 

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