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Does online Relationship Counselling really work?

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Zara, Staff Writer

Monday, 25 January 2021

When things start to go wrong in your relationship, it can be hard to see a way back. Marriage and relationship counselling is becoming increasingly popular as a way to save a relationship and to get things back on track.

Some couples can repair their relationships by talking through their issues, but some problems are more deeply rooted and may require specialist assistance from a couple’s therapist to get them back on track.

Virtual relationship counselling is becoming increasingly popular for couples who have busy schedules which make arranging and travelling to face-to-face sessions difficult. Finding a relationship therapist online also often means that you can avoid waiting lists and get started on working on your marriage or relationship straight away.

How does online Relationship Counselling work?

Online relationship therapy can be done using online platforms such as Skype, Zoom or Google Meet, from the privacy of your own home. All you need to get started is a stable internet connection, a device with a microphone and a webcam and two comfortable chairs. You’ll probably want to choose a room where you won’t be overheard by children or other people around the house.

You’ll start with an assessment session to see if the therapist is right for you and to find out more about what will happen during the therapy process. You can then decide whether you want to go ahead with further sessions.

Once the counselling gets started, the marriage therapist will facilitate a discussion between yourself and your partner about your relationship whilst trying to uncover the root of your struggles. You’ll both be encouraged to give your own point of view and to listen to each other in a safe space.

What issues can an online Marriage Counsellor help with?

Relationship and marriage counsellors can help with almost any issue which affects your relationship. Issues that a relationship therapist may help with include:

  • Couples who feel that they are having the same argument again and again without reaching a resolution

  • Disagreements about finances, parenting or lifestyle choices

  • A loss of romance or sexual chemistry

  • Couples who feel like their marriage is stuck on auto-pilot

  • A lack of communication or feeling emotionally unavailable

  • Dealing with issues such as substance abuse, mental health issues or infidelity

Marriage and relationship counsellors are typically happy to help you to work through any issue which affects your relationship.  

Is online Marriage Counselling as effective as face-to-face therapy?

Online relationship counselling can be just as effective as face-to-face therapy for many couples, especially where face-to-face counselling wouldn’t be practical or even possible. Online marriage counsellors have saved many a relationship from separation or divorce, allowing them to set aside their differences and rekindle their relationship.

Ultimately, the choice between seeing an online therapist or a face-to-face counsellor is a personal choice for the couple to make. Some prefer to see a counsellor in person whilst others would rather receive treatment online. Why not try out online relationship counselling to see how it could benefit your relationship?

How do you hire an online Relationship or Marriage counsellor?

If you’re looking to work through issues in your relationship, you can find a virtual marriage or relationship counsellor in just a few clicks on Bark.

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