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5 signs you need a massage

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Mika, Staff Writer

Monday, 22 February 2021

When was the last time you truly took some time out for yourself, that didn’t involve work, a screen, or having to be responsible for others? A massage demands exactly that (i.e nothing at all!), as everything will be all about you. 

As a treatment that’s good for muscular tension, stress, insomnia and many other issues, massage therapy is something that should be a part of your routine. At the very least, something you treat yourself to every once in a while. 

If you can’t remember the last time you had a massage or if you’ve never had one at all, here are 5 signs you are ‘in knead’ of one, to tell you more.

You’re prone to aches and pains

Did you know that our muscles store waste products and that these can get trapped in our tissues causing knots and discomfort? Everything from poor posture to a previous injury can cause pain in our body. Massage therapy works the muscle to release toxins stored within it, and encourage a better blood flow to the area.

Massage types that can help relieve muscle knots and tension include deep tissue, Thai and trigger point therapy. Your massage therapist will also ask where you feel pain so that they can customise their technique to work on these areas more. 

You constantly feel stressed

Sometimes life can take its toll, leaving us feeling burnt out or stressed. There are a lot of ways to deal with stress, but the most common methods (i.e smoking, drinking or overeating) contribute to other health problems. Instead, massage therapy takes a holistic approach to stress. It requires you to ditch your devices and commitments for a short while and just be still - you’d be amazed at how transformative this can be. 

All massage types are excellent for stress, though you may wish to opt for a more relaxing style rather than anything too heavy-duty if you need calmness. Reflexology is also a great option since it can help restore your natural energy levels. 

You want to improve your sleep

In the short term, a lack of sleep quality or quantity will leave us feeling groggy. But over time, it can have serious implications for our physical and mental health. While there are over the counter treatments and gadgets that may help, sometimes it’s worth getting back to basics with some massage therapy.

Aromatherapy massage in particular is great for improving your sleep since it uses deeply relaxing essential oils. A top tip is to book in for your massage later in the day so that you can unwind for the rest of the evening, making it more likely you’ll fall into a restorative slumber versus heading back to your desk after lunch. 

You do a lot of sports

Training and working out can leave your body feeling pretty beat up, even if it’s for the greater good of what you’re trying to achieve! A sports massage will get deep into your muscle fibres, helping to break up scar tissue and release tension which could be hindering your performance. 

It can make all the difference to have free movement in an area previously causing you pain. For longstanding injuries or tender areas, you may wish to book regular sports massages so that the problem is less likely to come back. 

You’ve never had a massage

In the same vein as the look someone gives when you announce you haven’t seen a certain film, massage therapy is something everyone should try at least once. Quite frankly, most people are unaware they are carrying tension, especially in their upper body. Without realising, it can be the cause of many ailments since our bodies will try and compensate by relying on other areas. 

Instead, we need to bring back the balance by being more aware of why we are aching or indeed, why we don’t handle our stress very well. Massage therapy is the perfect way to do this since it will be very telling about where we are holding pain or tension. 

To sum up

Massages come in various forms from a soft relaxing massage, to digging deep into muscle tissue to release chronic pain. Having a massage can help you feel better mentally and physically, so don't delay in booking one for yourself if any of the above resonates with you. 

A massage can also make a great gift for someone since it offers some much-needed self-care. You can even book a prenatal massage or couples massage, making the treatment incredibly flexible for your needs. 

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