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How much does it cost on average to hire Commercial and Corporate Photographers?

Average Price
£185 - £200

How much will I pay for Commercial and Corporate Photographer services?

No event is complete without the pictures to show for it! Read on to find out the costs involved in hiring a commercial or corporate photographer.

What is Corporate Photography? 

Corporate photography is any kind of photography done for the sole purpose of being used by a company for a corporate purpose. This could be used for corporate headshots to be displayed in the organisation’s public files, conventions and conferences, or even for official branding. 

What is Commercial Photography?

Any picture that is taken with the intent of being used for commercial purposes like selling a product, advertising a service or a personal brand, or products for a catalogue or e-commerce website is a commercial picture. 

Just as is the case with corporate photography, commercial photography is a broad term and encapsulates many sub-niches. 

What services do these Photographers offer? 

Commercial Photographers

  • Take photos solely for advertising. This includes pictures for billboards, websites, e-commerce stores, etc.

  • Take product packaging pictures. This includes pictures that go on the back of CDs, branded merchandise, etc.

  • Usually, they offer branding/consultancy services too.

Corporate Photographers

  • Photograph corporate events like conferences and conventions.

  • Offer professional photo editing services.

  • Create corporate videos.

Do you need Corporate or Commercial Photographers?

There are many reasons why hiring a corporate or commercial photographer is much more beneficial than taking the snaps yourself - but here are just a few: 

  • They’re well skilled and masters at their craft. They’ll take your ideas, fashion them into something worthwhile, and present them in ways you’ll love. 

  • They have the tools and skills to justify any amount you pay for their services. With knowledgeable commercial/corporate photographers, you’ll know that you’ll get high-quality products worth every penny.

  • Most of them are skilled at branding and are in the position to consult with your business on your corporate branding needs. 

How much does Corporate and Commercial Photography cost in the UK? 

On average, corporate and commercial photography will cost anywhere between £160 - £410 per day.

Average cost of Commercial and Corporate Photographers
Average cost (per day) £185 - £200
Minimum cost (per day) £160
Maximum cost (per day) £400

Factors that affect the price of Corporate and Commercial Photography in the UK

Let’s take a look at some of the key factors influencing cost: 

  • Nature of the services you require

  • Type of client in need of photography services 

  • Quality of rendered services

Nature of the services you require

If you’re looking for a commercial photographer to give you a few product shots for your website, you won’t need to spend as much as the person who is looking for a corporate photographer to offer full-on branding and consultancy services for them! 

The type of client in need of photography services

This is a major determining factor of just how much professional photography services will cost. Fortune 500 companies generally have larger advertising budgets than small businesses. As such, photographers who work with these organisations will charge higher than those who are working with small businesses.

Quality of rendered services

A photographer who consistently delivers top-notch projects to clients will charge higher than a rookie photographer looking to build up their portfolio. Larger companies with bigger budgets usually tend to hire the former category.  

Is it worth hiring a Commercial or Corporate Photographer? 

Professional photography is necessary to give your business/organisation a touch of class. Whatever your needs, you’ll find a photographer to satisfy them on Bark. 

To know exactly how much you will spend on professional corporate/commercial photography, check with a professional near you.

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