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Five amazing uses for Aerial Photography

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Mika, Staff Writer

Tuesday, 9 March 2021

Aerial photography involves taking pictures from the air. It was originally practised by French photographer and balloonist Nadar in 1858, who used his hot air balloon to take photographs of the ground.

During World War I, aerial photography found its purpose in the military where it became a useful tool. Nowadays, aerial photography is usually done using drones. This makes it considerably more affordable than it once was.

But you’re probably wondering where aerial and drone photography is used. Here are five amazing uses for aerial photography, which are guaranteed to tempt you into hiring an aerial photographer.

Aerial Photography for weddings

One of the most common uses of aerial photography today is for weddings. There’s nothing more amazing than seeing images of your wedding day from the sky.

Drone photography is particularly effective for large weddings. You’ll simply stand in a group and look up at the sky. A photograph of your guests waving at the drone will give your wedding image collection a spectacular twist.  

Aerial Photography for archaeology

Drone photography is often used in archaeology. Areas of interest can be explored from the skies safely, easily and affordably using a drone. The use of aerial photography is speeding up the rate of human exploration, meaning that we can learn more about the planet we live on than ever before.

Using Aerial Photography to sell your house

Many estate agents are now beginning to use drone photography to capture properties from the skies. This is particularly effective when a house sits in a large garden or grounds. Aerial photography is a great way of capturing the size of the land, as well as allowing potential buyers to see the house from a new perspective. And let’s face it – everything looks more impressive from the skies!

Aerial Photography in movie production

Aerial photography is often used in movie production. But this type of camera-work isn’t just confined to Hollywood productions.

Many businesses are now making use of drone photography to promote their business and give a new dimension to their promotional videos. There’s no wonder that this type of photography is becoming more popular - it looks impressive whilst being surprisingly affordable.

Aerial photography for the emergency services

Drone photography doesn’t just look good – it can also be extremely useful in emergency situations. Drones are used by the police, the fire service and mountain rescue teams to provide access to areas that would have once been seen as too dangerous. They can also speed up rescue attempts by offering an eye from the sky without the expense of using a helicopter.

For example, drone photography can be used for thermal imaging, to locate where people may be trapped or hiding. This valuable technique can save lives whilst also reducing costs for emergency services.

Feeling inspired?

The uses for aerial and drone photography are endless, the sky really is the limit! Whether you’re thinking of hiring an aerial photographer to take photos of your property or to add a new dimension to your wedding album, you’re bound to be impressed.

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