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A guide to planning your Wedding Remotely

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Zara, Staff Writer

Monday, 15 February 2021

Remote wedding planners have existed for quite some time by helping couples plan their day from afar. 

For example with destination weddings, if you don’t live in the same country or even town that you plan to get married in, then it’s a good idea to choose someone who knows the local area. That way, they can source the best suppliers and venue locations for you. 

It’s also a way of sourcing the best talent that’s free from geographical restriction. 

Need some remote help before you head to that chapel? Here’s our guide on planning your wedding remotely. 

How remote Wedding Planning works

Wedding planners are still wedding planners - regardless of how you access them. The main difference is that communication will be digitally based rather than holding meetings in person. They may offer video tours instead of site visits, and send pictures for your approval for certain elements. 

With tools such as Instagram and Pinterest, it’s also possible to put a mood board together which will greatly help the process, especially when working remotely. 

Even though the way of accessing wedding planning is different, the goal remains the same which is to plan your perfect day that you’ll both remember for the rest of your lives. 

Wedding planning aspects to consider

  • Ceremony/Reception Venue

  • Catering

  • Photography

  • Entertainment

  • Flowers

  • Bridal outfit

  • Groom outfit

  • Hair & Makeup

  • Rings

  • Transport

  • Accommodation

How to choose a Wedding Planner remotely

Ideally, you’d meet your wedding planner in person but sometimes this isn’t possible, especially if you are under local restrictions. The process is much the same regardless, as you need to decide what type of wedding you would like and match this with someone who can achieve it for you. 

Online reviews are important at the best of times, but especially with any service you wish to have carried out remotely. If the professional has any customer testimonials this is even better! Some may also have a blog or videos to describe their services in greater detail. 

There should be a formal consultation process before you go ahead, which will either be carried out over the phone or preferably on video chat. Write a list of questions you want to ask them, which will help narrow down the process.

To sum up 

Not only will a wedding planner help you to create your dream wedding day, it’ll be more affordable and convenient than meeting your wedding planner in person. If you’re deciding whether a wedding planner is worth the cost, it’s a no brainer. 

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